Here are 6 Quick Tips to Lose Weight without a Pill or Steroid

While we know the drill to weight loss – consume lesser calories and burning more through exercise – it may not work for everyone. That’s mainly because most people turn to quick weight loss plans and fad diets that do not work for long-term results.

If it is just a few pounds you are worried about, or if you want to get into that special dress for a particular occasion, quick weight loss ideas can help you. However, if you are looking for long-term fitness goals and want to maintain an ideal weight, turning to steroids, fad diets, or pills is not the best deal.

Methods that promise you instant results may leave you unsatisfied, hungry, and unhealthy. Without strong willpower, the constant state of weakness and hunger could drag you away from these plans in no time.

What we focus on here are quick tips that do not involve harmful steroids or pills and help you:

  • Lose weight without feeling hungry
  • Reduce your appetite, so you don’t crave food
  • Improve your metabolic rate
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Quick Tips for Long-Term Weight Loss

We have outlined a quick yet promising weight loss plan based on these top six tips covered below:

1. Cut back on carbs and sugar

As far as diet is concerned, you need to make a few important, long-term adjustments to make sure it works for your weight loss goal.

Foremost, cut back on the two most harmful things that may not let you lose weight – carbs, and sugar. When you stop eating carbs and sugar, it naturally pushes down your hunger levels, so you consume fewer calories.

Since your body will be low in carbs and sugar, it will burn stored fat for energy. Another amazing benefit is that helps control insulin levels. This encourages your kidney to flush out excess water and sodium off your body. This way, you can easily reduce water weight and bloat.

2. Add more protein, vegetables, and fat in your diet

Balance your meal with a portion of protein source, low-carb veggies, and a healthy source of fat. Planning your meal around these options will naturally improve your overall diet and reduce your carb intake.

The best protein sources include beef, pork, chicken, trout, shrimp, salmon, and whole eggs with yolk. Diets rich in protein can reduce obsession and craving towards food.

You need to be particularly cautious with your choice of vegetable to cut down on carbs. Options like tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, Swiss chard, cucumber, and lettuce are great for a diet that boosts metabolism to help you lose weight.

Your healthy fat sources include butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Create a balance in your plate by adding these healthy nutrients to your diet.

3. Lift weights at least thrice in a week

Exercise is the best way to burn the extra calories and get yourself in shape. The more regular you are with your exercise, the better results you can guarantee.

A simple routine active routine with 3 days of strength training can offer amazing benefits. Weight lifting is an effective way to burn a lot of calories and keep up with a super-active metabolism. Studies show how a diet low in carbohydrates can help you build muscle as you lift weight and engage yourself in an active workout routine.

In case you cannot lift weight due to any problem, indulge yourself into full-body cardio workouts like jogging, walking, cycling, running, and swimming.

4. Keep yourself hydrated

You may enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast, but try to stick to water for the rest of the day. Even the healthiest of fruit juices contain sugar content, which in excess can be bad for your weight loss goal.

Replace all your fluids with water to keep yourself hydrated and in amazing shape. Research shows how an average American consumes around 250 calories only from soft drinks in a day. That totals to 90,000 calories in a year or 25 pounds.

Sugary drinks also fail to curb hunger. In fact, the more you intake sugar, the hungrier you feel. Water, on the other hand, can keep you satiated and hydrated.

5. Walk at least 45 minutes a day

Walk 30 minutes, and you won’t gain weight, stretch it to 45 minutes, and you start to lose. The difference 15 minutes can create is a great way to lose weight quickly. A study at Duke University reveals how a 30-minute walk can keep most sedentary people from gaining weight but exercising or walking beyond 30 minutes is what helps with fat and weight loss.

The 15 extra minutes can help burn 300 additional calories, which could help you lose up to 30 pounds in a year, without really bringing a significant change in your diet.

6. Say goodbye to prepared food

Anything that falls under the category of ‘prepared foods’ should be banned in your pantry. When buying your food in the store, always check the labels to see if it includes corn syrup, fructose, or sugar. Such foods should be eliminated from your diet completely.

The sugar variation present in prepared foods are worse and can cause your body to store more fat. When buying food at the store, look for sugar-free versions of items like salad dressings, mayonnaise, and ketchup.

Make your own food using the healthiest ingredients at every possible chance.

Final Words

Consistency is the key to achieving results when it comes to weight loss. This means that you really need to be highly motivated to steer clear a lifestyle that only leads to weight gain. To keep yourself from getting bored or frustrated, celebrate small successes.

Set a realistic goal for every 15 days and enjoy a cheat meal just to celebrate the success of achieving that particular goal. Not only this will keep you motivated, but it will also bring a balance to your lifestyle, where you can still lose and maintain weight without completely giving up food.

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