#7 Best Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Everyday: Healthy Family!

Coffee isn’t just a coffee; it is the hug in a mug.

The one sip of morning coffee is more than just an energy boost, isn’t it?

Do you know?

Coffee is 2nd most drinked beverage in the world!

More likely, if you prefer homemade coffee than I recommend you to have Espresso maker because it makes a cup of yummy coffee, espresso and latte just for you.

Some of you may wonder, is it beneficial?

Let’s see some of the best health perks of drinking coffee.

1. Coffee reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes

First of all, for those who don’t know what type 2 diabetes is?

It is a problem with your body that causes the blood sugar level higher than the normal. Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes.

According to American Diabetes Association, coffee and diabetes can’t go well together. From all food, we consume coffee has the most potential to prevent diabetes.

Coffee is not just caffeine, but it has other ingredients too.

So when I talk about coffee, I really talk about coffee and other ingredients.

There are two things summed up from above conclusion.

First, the caffeine in a coffee can increase blood sugar level in your body, so drinking too much coffee can cause diabetes, well right.

Second, drinking coffee can good for diabetes because excluding caffeine other many ingredients are right for diabetes.

So, finally, caffeine is terrible for health and on the bright side other those other things are good for diabetes. We just can’t judge coffee by its caffeine.

Note: According to WHO (5 cups of coffee) in a day is considered to be ok to drink.

2. Coffee Cuts the pain

The journal of pain says that coffee can reduce post-workout muscles pain by up to 48%. 

3. Coffee reduces the risk of cancer

In the past, professionals were warning about drinking much coffee because of the risk of caffeine that causes many diseases.

From the last decades, professionals come to know about the health benefits of the coffee and its relationship to cancer.

Study after study changes the thought about coffee in a medical science and has been showing the cancer-fighting property of coffee because of its potent antioxidant.

Recent coffee and cancer study shows that coffee is beneficial in many types of cancers.

Let’s see each of them

Prostate Cancer: Reduce 60% of risk by drinking 6 cups of coffee in a day.(For man)

Oral Cancer: To get rid of oral cancer drink more than 4 cups of coffee in a day and you will decrease 39% of cancer.

Uterine Cancer: Just more than two cups of coffee and it will decrease the risk of uterine cancer (For women)

Colon Cancer: The least two cups of coffee can reduce 42% of colon cancer.

Liver Cancer: One to two cup of coffee in a day reduces the risk of liver cancer by 41%.

Brain Cancer:  Just at least 5 cup of coffee in the day reduces certain types of brain cancers by 40%.

Caffeine Protects against the lung cancer: According to new research in Experimental Hematology & Oncology journal the caffeine inhabits the most protein found in lung cancer cells and prevents the cell’s growth and reproduction.

4. Coffees and Heart Health

Coffee can decreases the risk of heart disease and slightly lower the risk of stroke.

Yeah, it is true that caffeine increases the blood pressure, but the effect is small and usually goes away by drinking coffee daily.

The study does not support the myth about coffee is that it causes the risk of heart disease.

In fact, some women who drink coffee regularly have reduced the risk of heart disease.

5. Black Coffees and Cavity 

The researcher of Brazil says that drinking pure black coffee in a day can reduce the risk of teeth cavity because it kills the bacteria on the teeth and leads to tooth decay.

6. Coffee and melanoma 

Some of you may don’t know what melanoma is?

Don’t worry I will explain it to you.

‘The melanoma is the one type of skin cancer that is usually but not always.’

The Journal of National Cancer Institute found that melanoma decreases with the consumption of coffee. Moreover, each cup of coffee reduces the risk of melanoma.

7. Coffee Reduces Suicide and Depression

Coffee Reduces Suicide and Depression

According to the Harvard School of Health, the women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee in a day were 20% less chance of depression.

The study also found the reduced risk of suicide in coffee drinkers. 


For most people, coffee is the healthy diet of their day to day life, and yes it is good to enjoy a cup of coffee until you can’t control its consumption.

If you take the right amount of coffee at the right time and proper way then I bag you nothing goes wrong with you and your coffee.

However, the pregnant women and some heart conditions people should keep a distance from coffee although it is the best for everyone. 

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