7 Foods that Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Being a steroid hormone, the testosterone acts as a major key player in maintaining several physical parameters of the human body. Apart from determining sex drive and the size of the penis, it determines several other factors which include cardiac health, memory, muscle strength, bone density etc. For these reasons, maintaining proper testosterone level is important to live a healthy life.

Due to immense advancement in the pharmaceutical industry, many steroid drugs are manufactured which claim to elevate the T level within a stipulated time period. But it is observed that increasing T level by medication may be very much harmful to health. For this reasons, it is the right time to think about the organic sources for increasing the same by a natural way. Let’s see the 7 natural foods which have enough potential to increase the T level in the body without causing any side effects in the following:

  1. Grapes:

Having resveratrol as one of the major constituent of the outer surface of grapes, it contributes a lot in the production of the healthy sperm. Apart from this, the epididymal motility gets positively affected by the sufficient intake of grapes. This makes the sperms more fertile as they get higher ability of swimming properly to fertilize the ovum.

  1. Honey:

Having boron as a major constituent, the honey is directly linked with the elevation of the testosterone level in the blood vessel. Apart from this, another component i.e. nitric oxide also helps in opening the constricted blood vessels thus facilitates erection by increasing blood flow.

  1. Pomegranate:

Being intensively used for medication over the past centuries, the pomegranate contains high amount of anti-oxidants, iron, vitamin A, C and E etc. Recent researchers regarding the effectiveness of the pomegranate have shown that it has the ability to increase T level by 16% & libido, as well as enhancing the mental condition positively by 30%. Some researchers believe that consuming the entire fruit rather than drinking its juice will act as a more effective agent in lowering the blood pressure in human body.

  1. Garlic:

Being a common ingredient of regular diet, it is one of the rich sources of the allicin. Being a natural compound, the allicin significantly lowers the level of the stress hormone i.e. cortisol within the human body. Being a competitor for the same reaction site within the muscle cell, the cortisol leaves a negative impact on the formation of testosterone which in turn lowers the T level. To counteract with this biological metabolic procedure, eating garlic will surely be the perfect solution to elevate the T level indirectly by lowering the amount of stress hormone within the blood.

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables:

The cauliflower and broccoli can be considered as the most common cruciferous vegetable. Intake of these vegetable within the male human body causes excretion of the opposite sex hormone i.e. estrogen and thus the level of the testosterone gets elevated. Recent researches show that the cruciferous vegetables are rich source of indole-3-carbinol. That’s it efficiently increase the excretion of the estradiol through complex metabolism process which is responsible for maintaining the estrogen level in the human blood. In few cases, the excretion level increases by 50% of the normal which in turn elevates the T level within the blood a lot.

  1. Olive Oil:

Among the several type of edible oils, the extra virgin olive oil has high potential to elevate the testosterone level within the stipulated time period. Recent researchers claim that persons using the extra virgin olive oil in their regular diet may experience a boost in the testosterone level by 17% to 19% within the three week time period.

  1. Coconut:

The hormone production within the human body mostly depends on the amount of saturated fats present within the human body. Being a steroid hormone, the production of testosterone is also based on the same concept. That’s why eating coconut helps the human body to produce adequate amount of cholesterol and therefore reduces the amount of body fat. By maintaining proper body weight, one can improve the production amount of the testosterone.

Sometimes your T levels may be affected by masturbating also that’s why eating the above-mentioned natural fruits will surely be beneficial for elevating the T level without causing any side effects.

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