7 Proven Tips to Get the Quality Traffic on Your Website

Your website should remain the number one priority for attracting visitors and traffic. Your social media profiles and listing directories are great for getting the word out about your brand, but many businesses become too focused on them.

You have to remember that these profiles are hosted by third party platforms like Facebook and Instagram etc. They can ban you at any time or make your page less visible to their users, if they don’t approve of your content style.

Building regular traffic on your own website is difficult, but it can be done if you follow a good strategy. Here are seven proven tips that should help you get there quickly.

Produce Good Quality Content

There are probably millions of active websites online that are selling something similar to what you are offering on your website. It may seem very difficult to make your website stand out from the rest.

However, the good news is that more than 90% of these websites do not produce good quality content that can engage or interest readers. They website suffer from a variety of problems, from bad design and user interface to poor writing and irrelevant material. This can make visitors lose interest quickly and they will hit the back button faster than you can count 1, 2, 3.

If you are good at writing, you can put together a nice website with engaging content in less than a week. If you lack skills in content production or don’t have the time, you can still hire professional blog writing services that can create engaging content for your website and improve quality.

Update Your Website Frequently

Active websites are rewarded in a variety of ways. Your existing website visitors are more likely to come back in the future if you consistently produce new content for them. New visitors who discover your website for the first time are more likely to spend more time on the site as they read through all the blogs and articles that you’ve updated over time.

Search engines also rank websites that update regularly, higher. If you publish new blogs on your website every other day, it is slowly going to creep up on rankings compared to websites that only post new content once a week.

Optimize for SEO through Keywords

When buyers search for products and service online the search engine matches their input to the websites that have the most instances of the search term. If you want good quality traffic on your website, you will need to place the right keywords in your content.

Search Engine Optimization improves your website’s visibility and increases the likelihood of potential customers coming to your digital store.

There are many online services that can help you find key search terms for your industry and products. If you hire blog writing services, they can also carry out the keyword search for you and write content based on those results.

Keep Your Content Relevant

Search engine results are based on algorithmic calculations. Businesses have tried to exploit these algorithms by

  1. Stuffing their content with keywords.
  2. Placing irrelevant keywords in their content to improve ranking.

For example, suppose you sell home furniture online and figure out that people in your area search for online food ordering services more frequently. You could write your content based around the idea of customers ‘ordering online food’ while ‘lounging on the new ABC model couch’ or ‘from the comfort of their king size bed’.

At a glance it doesn’t look like foul play. But if you start publishing too many blogs on your website about online food ordering, your website ranking will go higher for the keyword search even though your business has nothing to do with food.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! frown upon such practices and penalize websites for stuffing keywords or using irrelevant keywords in their content. Try to keep your blog writers focused on your industry to get genuine website traffic.

Advertise Your Business Online

Even if you are producing great quality content consistently, your website may fail to get a lot of quality traffic to your website. You can’t get visitors if your link doesn’t come up in search results for users.

There is very high competition for getting on the first page of search engine results. Most web users don’t bother to go on the second page of results after they search for keywords and only stick to the top ten.

One way to overcome this is by using a paid advertisement for your website. Search engines like Google allow businesses to advertise their links at the top of a page for certain keyword searches, at a price. The method is expensive. However, if you use it through focused, short term campaigns, it can give you long-term positive results.

Ask for and Analyze User Feedback

It never hurts to ask your visitors, readers and followers for feedback. You use contact page, a comments section or feedback forms to get this input.

If you are doing something right that your visitors like, they will tell you. If you are doing something wrong that puts them off, they will tell you even more.

Don’t take visitor criticism in a negative way but as a source of inspiration to get better. After all, if your audience takes the time to tell you what they don’t like, even though they keep visiting your site, it shows that they are genuinely interested in what you sell and promote.

Use Email Marketing to Retain Traffic

It is generally easier to get an email address than a phone number, home address, or other personal information. Focus on building an email list of users so that you can reach out to them for marketing.

Email marketing allows you to personalize your content and services for different groups of users. It is a great way to inform potential customers about special offers, discounts and product launches.

It is also free and doesn’t cost you anything to send mass emails to your subscribers.


There are many ways businesses can attract and retain visitors to their website. In this short guide, we discussed seven effective ways that can help you quickly build a high-quality audience for your website.

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