How SMS Marketing Improves Customer Experience

Text messages are one of the most commonly used ways of communication. Businesses also use SMS marketing as their way to improve customer experience. Businesses use these tactics to make a better relationship with their customers. Not only rational factors play a role in it but businesses also use emotional factors. Businesses have started to capitalize emotions with SMS marketing. SMS marketing is integrating its customer experience and is resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

SMS marketing is the means of marketing that can help the companies to be closer to their customers. Positive customer experience can lead to customer retaining and can help in increased customer satisfaction. Here are some of the tips for SMS marketing that can help businesses create a better and more understanding relationship with their customers.

1. Targeted SMS Marketing

People tend to ignore conversations made to crowds. Customers are more interested when businesses talk to them individually. It makes them feel valued. SMS marketing allows you to practice market communication with targeted audiences. SMS marketing allows businesses to create targeted messages to their customers based on their previous purchases, their demographics and their preferences.

Creating such personalized messages can help the customer feel valued and heard. The content in the message needs to be personalized that can help the customer feel valued. If every message has the same value, the customer will soon start to trust the business and result in consistent customer experience. For instance, keeping in mind the prior data of the customer, one can make sure to send targeted messages to them.

2. Efficient Customer Service

When it comes to giving feedback, queries, and complaints, the customers need a proper and effective channel through which they can constantly be in contact with the business. Emails, social media encounters and other such platforms are not as comfortable for the customers as compared to SMS texting. It is faster, hassle-free and cheaper as compared to any other channel.

By ensuring effective SMS marketing, and introducing it as a part of your omni-channel, it can deliberately help the business to grow and would make your brand more accessible. SMS marketing can be time-consuming and would result in an effective customer engagement which ultimately leads to a more satisfied customer base.

3. Customer Information

Using SMS marketing, it can be easier for companies to understand their customers and know more about them. You can use customer feedback surveys to be filled from your customers consisting of their likes, dislikes and preferences. This way, you can send them more personalized and targeted messages resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Personalized text messages can help create a better relationship with the customers and make them feel respected and valued. You can receive the results of SMS marketing in a short period of time.

4. Make Sure To Use It Effectively

As far as SMS marketing is concerned, make sure to not negatively impact the customers. This includes, texting the customers at an appropriate time and to message occasionally and not frequently enough for them to get annoyed or disturbed. This can create resentment and ultimately end up with the statement that the company does not respect its customers. It is vital to make sure to keep the customers satisfied by only sending them meaningful text messages. Be sure to send only those messages that the customers signed for.

Sending very frequent messages to the customers can lead to disappointment and tiresome for your customers. Late night or very early morning messages can lead to disturbance as well. Make sure to send occasional messages containing some meaningful content only at times when it is convenient for your customers. SMS marketing needs care and focus or else it can backfire and impact the business negatively.

5. Easy To Track

SMS marketing can be a very easy to measure KPI (key performance indicator). It can help ensure the reach of the brand. It can be cost-effective to track the data from SMS marketing. Customers are likely to respond on SMS marketing since it is easier for them and they have their cell phones in their hand all the time. SMS marketing can also help companies to target the audience via email or any other channel.

It is easy to track and the performance can be measured easily. Once you understand the performance and impact of SMS marketing, you can easily monitor it and make vital changes for the betterment of the organization.


There are many ways of marketing that are trending at the moment including social media marketing. Although, it is true that social media marketing and advertisements can be generally for the public. On the other hand, channels like SMS marketing and email marketing are very personal. Customers feel more appreciated and valued when they experience individual marketing. SMS marketing can help companies figure out the prior purchases and interests of the customers that can eventually help them create a better relationship with the customers.

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