7 Warning Signs That Your Mattress Needs Replacement

Did you know that experts recommend that you replace your mattress every 7-10 years? Most people get too attached to their mattresses and get a bit hesitant when it comes to disposing of it. The recommended duration of putting your mattress into use does not mean that you have to keep your mattress around even if it gives in four years after your purchase. Be fair to yourself and get a mattress bed for more comfortable sleep.

The following are one of the indicators that you should get rid of the mattress you are currently sleeping in.

  1. Your mattress is over 8 years old

As aforementioned, you should have gotten rid of that mattress nine months ago. It might be challenging to sometimes remember the exact date that you bought your mattress. It is very reasonable. However, it is essential that you keep records if you cannot count on your memory too much. You can do this only by even writing the buying date on the label of the mattress. You won’t have to go through notebooks from six years ago looking for the dates. An old mattress should be replaced.

  1. You wake up with back pains

Do you experience back pains every other day when you wake up? Your mattress might be the culprit. What happens is that as your mattress wears out, it fails to give you the support you require, hence you will end up sleeping on the springs. It results to getting pressure points because of sleeping on the springs. As the comfort layers lose their structure, the mid-point of the mattress where your weight goes, typically will sag and you will start waking up with neck and back pains.

  1. You feel tired when you wake

If you are always feeling fatigued when you wake up is a warning signs that you need a mattress replacement as soon as possible. You need a good night rest after a long day from work. Waking up feeling tired shows that you are not getting the rest that you need. For that reason, you will need to replace your mattress bed for you to achieve comfortable sleep.

  1. Every other place is cozy but your bed

Did you go for a sleepover at your friend’s home over the weekend and felt that you had a better sleep than the one you just had last night? Does your couch feel more comfortable than your bed? It is time to replace it! Your mattress or bed should at all times feel comfortable and give you ample support throughout the night. You deserve a comfortable bed and pain free mornings. Replace your mattress and reclaim your quality sleep.

  1. Your spring/box mattress is squeaking

Is your mattress creaking even at the slightest movement? Well, you might have to get out of bed and check what your dear mattress has been up to. Squeaking of the mattress is an indicator of something not being right. What supports your mattress? There is only one way to know. You can check the manufacturer information and see whether it is made of a box spring frame. Squeaking may mean that the springs are either broken or worn out. Broken and worn out box springs are a significant cause for discomfort of a mattress and make the bed lose support. Replace your mattress if you find that the box springs are not in good shape.

  1. There is noticeable sag

Not only do dips in mattresses make the bed lose its aesthetics, but also contributes significantly to discomfort during sleep. Sagging mostly takes place when the springs lose their resilience or break down and the form reacts by compressing. A sagging mattress will cause you back pain and hurting joints. This means that replacing a mattress should be at the top of the list of your priorities.

  1. You have dust allergies

Have you noticed that over the recent past, you have been getting dust allergies a little bit more than average? It might be an indication that you need to set aside a budget for a new mattress in as much as you may get dust allergies on your way to work, there are specifications as to when you can blame your mattress. Re the allergies most prevalent early in the morning or during the night? There you go! Dust mites might be behind your nights not being so comfortable any more. Dust mites are usually the primary causes of allergies. They are found in mattresses and beddings. You can buy mattresses such as foam and latex that are resistant to dust mites. Also, you should consider purchasing a mattress protector to throw over your newly acquired mattress to keep the bugs away.

Do not ignore the mentioned signs, if you come across them, read the message and get a new mattress to avoid visits to chiropractors in the long run.

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