A Brief Guide to Demonstration Speech that will Help You in the Long Run

Demonstration speeches tell your audience how to do something using step-by-step instruction. The general purpose of these speeches is to explain, instruct, describe, clarify, demonstrate, remind or correct. In short, your aim would be to DEMONSTRATE something to your readers. In short, you would aim to DEMONSTRATE something to your readers. This format is, especially challenging because it has to retain the attention of your audience. You have to make sure your readers can follow your demonstration without trying too hard.

From high school and college to the professional world, demonstration speeches are required in different spheres of life.  So, let’s clear the air concerning demonstration speeches.

What is a demonstration speech?

You can consider demonstration speeches as a form of informative speech. It requires you to teach your audience how to complete a process or task. Usually, these speeches consist of accurately arranged series of steps.

How to write a demonstration speech?

Demonstrating how to write a demonstration speech is tricky since there are irrefutable ways to do anything. Anyway, irrespective of the topic, you can follow some basic rules while writing this speech. Have a look.

  • Begin with ‘why’

You have to train or educate your audience to perform a specific task or make a decision. You can capture their attention once they understand what’s in the speech for them. The first step towards writing a good speech is motivating your audience to learn more.

Let’s say you want to demonstrate ‘how to write my essay without losing sleep?’ So, tell your audience how they will benefit from this speech. You can tell them your instructions will help them:

  • Earn extra money
  • Build a wide range of skills
  • Be happy
  • Save time
  • Enjoy job satisfaction
  • Earn higher grades

If you are confused about how to start the speech, begin with a story because that works, most of the time. Use your vocabulary to paint a picture of how their life will improve after hearing the speech.

  • Drop some hints about the entire process

Let’s say you want to demonstrate your audiences how to pay for essay help. But, your audiences already have come across instructions concerning this same topic. So, how they would know that your speech is different from the rest? Thus, you need to drop some hints about the entire process.

Here are two tips to consider for this section:

  • Provide a mental framework for your audience so that they know what’s coming their way
  • Assure your audience that the process is not overly complex

You should try making it easier for your audiences to see how the steps will fit together later on. Using a diagram to string all the steps together also works wonders.

  • Evaluate each step in the right order

The best thing about a demonstration speech is that the core outline of the speech is ready with you. All you have to is go through each step in sequential order. You should do the following for each step:

  • Explain why your audience should follow that particular step.
  • Use simple, straightforward language while describing the steps.
  • Tell them how to complete that step.

Try to keep the series of steps as simple as possible. Break down the entire process into essential steps that will lead your audience successfully. People will get confused if the number of steps isn’t as low as possible.

  • Sort out time for questions and answer session

Be patient whenever you are asked to deliver a demonstration speech. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes to figure out what kind of questions they may have after the speech. Keep some time aside for your audiences to clarify their doubts. You can take the questions at the end or invite them in the middle of your demonstration. Use the feedback to compose your next speech because you have to aim for excellence.

Some Demonstration Speech Topics and Ideas

You can use this list of demonstration speech topics to develop your own topics. Start with any of these phrases and focus on a subject you are interested in.

  • How to fix…
  • How to use…
  • How to make…
  • How to do…

The verbs may differ according to your preferences. All you have to do is tweak some and develop a good topic. For example,

  • To cook a lasagne
  • To create a Halloween mask
  • To make a watercolour
  • To make a fast swimming pool
  • To build a mobile-friendly website
  • To dress like a princess
  • To taste wine
  • To register for voting
  • To print a digital photo

3 Extra Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Speech

By this time, you must know what a demonstration speech is and what your topic would be. Now implement the following tips to boost the quality of your speech.

  • Get your audience do it

It is always suggested to keep your speech presentation as short and straightforward as possible. This will give you enough time to get your audience to perform the steps while you demonstrate them. People can remember the actions better if they get to do as you deliver the speech.

  • Use smart visuals

Incorporating the right visuals can be the best way to accompany your verbal instructions and descriptions. You can use your body to animate each step, if possible. Physical props would be great too along with relevant photographs.

  • Provide follow-up resources

You can provide relevant follow-up resources to make sure your audience has gained the new knowledge perfectly. The resources include websites, books, handouts or even contact details. Some universities may not allow you to provide these resources. So, it is better to consult with your professors first.

Several other students will also write demonstration speeches, probably on similar topics. That is why you need these steps for improving the quality of your speech.

An Example of Demonstration Speech

An Example of Demonstration Speech
Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/113715959319752646/

How to deliver a demonstration speech?

  • Your excellence is measured on the basis of how you deliver the speech. Keep these following tips in mind to deliver the speech without stammering or falling out of order.
  • Use the right visual aid while delivering the speech. For instance, you can prepare a drawing and use that while explaining each step through your speech.
  • Illustrate your topics using personal stories and examples. For instance, you can begin with ‘Had it been a few years back, I wouldn’t have thought learning a foreign language is easy.’ Personal stories usually help audiences connect with you better.
  • Provide enough resources and ingredients to your audience members so that they can perform the steps while delivering the speech.
  • Look around you and make sure the audience is following you. It will also help you understand if there’s anything wrong with your speech.
  • Use a memorable summary or an impressive call to action to close your speech.
  • Ask your audience to see if they have any questions regarding any of the steps.

Wrapping Up,

A demonstration speech is one of the most popular speeches in both academic and professional spheres of life. Having a clear mind can help you write these speeches without any hassle. Daily practise also helps. Read online samples before you start writing a speech so that you get familiar with the format of a demonstration speech. Remember, blurting the speech is not the main purpose. Instead, you have to make sure your audience understands every step you are talking about. Good Luck.

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