How Does AdWords Remarketing Work for Real Estate Business?

Most digital marketers will agree that real estate is a tough industry to get instant results in through conventional paid marketing channels. That’s understandable since shopping for real estate is different from shopping for something inexpensive like, say, pretty shoes or cute outfits. If you’re worried that you’re losing conversions because of high bounce rates, don’t fret because you can get qualified leads to come back to your site with Google AdWords remarketing. What’s that, you ask? Read on to learn more.

How Remarketing Works

Remarketing is a powerful tool to entice audiences who have already visited your site but left without converting. If you want to avail of remarketing services, you need to add a remarketing code to your website through which you can store information about site visitors. The code allows you to follow site visitors after they leave your website. Based on their on-site behavior and interests, you can create highly targeted display ads they will see as they browse elsewhere on the internet.

Reconnect and Re-Engage

Digital marketing companies offering white label remarketing services will tell you that remarketing ads are a great way to reconnect with and reengage your target audience. The beauty of these ads is that you already have a qualified audience – most of them would have visited your site out of genuine interest in your business and listings. With remarketing, you can remind them of listings they showed interest in, develop custom messaging or display other similar listings.

Develop Smarter Ads

Consider AdWords remarketing ads as a second opportunity to attract prospects with smarter, more compelling ads. Unlike conventional PPC ads, you’re not working with a blank canvas – you know these people, they have visited your site. Some of them might have been genuinely interested in your services but forgot about you as they browsed elsewhere on the internet. Remarketing ads allow you to stay on top of their minds and provide an easy touch point they can use when they are ready.

Get Fabulous ROI

White label remarketing services are generally cheaper than other PPC solutions. Another benefit is that you can increase ROI with ReMarketing Services because you’re only advertising to a qualified audience. Even if audiences don’t click on your remarketing ads, you would still be building brand credibility by just getting in front of them. Over time, people will get comfortable with you and recognize you as a reputed business.

Tips for Strategies

For increased return web traffic, improved conversion figures and significant returns on ROI, you need to take a strategic approach. A reliable internet marketing agency offering remarketing services can ensure this by developing compelling ads with the right visuals, tailored messaging and a prominent call to action. Studies indicate that repeat site visitors are more likely to take some kind of conversion action such as signing up for a newsletter, registrations etc.

Segmenting Audience for Greater Effectiveness

Your remarketing ad needs to be clear, concise, direct and seductive. It may be a good idea to segment audience base for creating highly targeted ads but don’t take it to a granular level as you might lose out on general visibility. Leave it to the experts who use scientific tools and cutting edge software to develop strategic campaigns with high quality targeting.

Supplement with Other Marketing Strategies

Use a remarketing campaign as a supplement to and not as a replacement of other digital marketing strategies. Remember that your audience for remarketing ads consists of site visitors and to get qualified leads, you will still need to use other online marketing channels. While a PPC campaign is useful in introducing prospects to your sales funnel, remarketing services take them further along the journey.

If you’re ready to implement a strategic remarketing campaign, get in touch with a dedicated team of remarketing experts!

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