Artificial Intelligence – A Key to Bright Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought in a big revolution in technology. AI has completely changed the way of completing any task. Artificial intelligence dominates several different things in several industries. It is regularly progressing; its usage is increasing day by day. It can be said that it is going to be the future. Today artificial intelligence is dominating different components, industries and offers perfection in everything. People are not aware of its importance and usage.

An introduction of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a broad range of computer science that is mainly concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has multiple approaches, but its advancement in deep learning and machine learning creates a great shift. Artificial intelligence can help in completing the different types of tasks in the form of codes, for example: uipath vs microsoft power automate automation tool best used by those with technical experience (such as developers). It can also perform a task such as detecting objects, solving complex problems, making important decisions, etc.

Types of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is designed to make things easier for humans. By using AI, users are capable of experiencing different types of functions. Moreover, AI also provides a perfect base for categorizing the types of services.

Reactive machine Artificial intelligence

Reactive machine Artificial intelligence is majorly used to perform specific kinds of tasks. It is the most basic AI system and is purely reactive; it does not store any memory or uses any past data to determine future action.  They can perceive the world and react according to it. This technology cannot make predictions regarding the future; it can only take steps based on predefined data or tasks only. One of the existing forms of the Reactive machine AI is Deep Blur, the chess-playing computer invented by IBM in 1980.

Limited memory

Limited memory Artificial intelligence machines can help in retaining data for a short amount of time. Limited memory machines can further use this data for some specific amount of time, which they can’t add to their experience. There are several self – driving vehicles and cars that use limited memory AI technology; they store data, for instance, the recent speed of the nearby cars, the distance of the car, speed limit, and other important information that can help the vehicles to navigate the roads. They can use a short course of action, and the actions are based on the information or data which is gathered from past activities. Based on such data, Artificial intelligence can perform or predict the future course of action.

Theory of mind- AI

Psychology says that the main model that drives an individual’s behavior is emotions, thoughts, and memories. Researchers are hoping to build computers that can imitate human mental models by developing representations about the world and other agents. Theory of Mind is an advanced form of AI which is majorly based on human psychology; it focuses on emotional intelligence. Theory of mind is used for predicting actions as per the human brain. This AI is not fully developed now, and experts are trying hard to achieve their objectives.

Self – awareness

Self – aware AI machines are science fiction; most Artificial intelligence enthusiasts believe it to be the ultimate AI development goal. It is a stage where no one has reached till now. This technology has its own consciousness, and it is capable of taking care of itself. It is very much similar to human beings.

Usage of Artificial intelligence

The use of Artificial intelligence is not limited. AI is used for several purposes in different types of industries. There are several industries that are dependent on the usage of AI.


Healthcare plays a very important role in the lives of every individual. To offer the best services and keep people healthy, now professionals are taking help from the AI in several areas such as surgery, digital consultations, and maintenance of data. It is not possible for all people to visit the doctor timely, but with the use of AI, people can appear in the form of digital consultation. Patients can connect with their doctor regarding their health issues by staying at home. Moreover, AI can aid medicines with robotic enhanced surgeons skills and allow doctors to work with perfection.


For a good life, education is essential. Parents are trying very hard to make sure that they can offer the best training to their children. The education industry has also adopted the use of AI for several purposes, for instance, home study, reporting to parents, and much more. Artificial intelligence also helps in the better development of children. It helps in making the kids more active so that they can develop better social skills.


Marketing is one of the ways to promote the business entirely. AI allows marketers the power to analyze different components so that they can prepare a good market strategy. The most prominent example of AI in marketing is A/B testing.


Today the online platform is getting filled with several businesses and companies. Many business owners want to be a part of the online world so that they can efficiently serve the audience and can beat their competitors. AI also helps online businesses to overcome different types of problems. Some of the best examples of AI are cart abandonment recovery, Chatbots, etc.

The experts predicted that artificial intelligence would help amplify human effectiveness. The computer can match or even exceed human intelligence and capabilities on task, such as complex decision-making, sophisticated analytics, reasoning and learning, Visual acuity, pattern recognition, language translation, and speech recognition. Researchers say that a “Smart” system in buildings, vehicles, utilities, and the community will save a lot of money, time, and life; moreover, it will also offer people opportunities to enjoy a customized future.

You can now understand how artificial intelligence is becoming famous in the upcoming days; based on the above data, one can consider it a key to a bright future.

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