Artificial Plants vs. Real Plants- Why Artificial Plants are Taking Over the Market

Whenever it comes to styling the place, including home, offices, corporate building, etc., real and artificial plants both play an integral part in the decor. With the time and advancements in synthetic plant designing, it has become challenging to tell one from the real. It is no rocket science to understand how adding plants to the interior decor can uplift the whole ambiance of the simple room. I am sure that wherever you go, you will witness these artificial plants today, adding a little color to the surroundings.

You might have seen artificial plants in offices, homes, restaurants, etc. Studies have shown that more and more interior decorators have been including the use of artificial plants in addition to the real plants. I am soon to discuss why.

Now, the question is, why did I say artificial plants are taking over the market?

To answer the question, why don’t we start discussing the benefits of using these artificial plants over the real one. Below, we are going to share some of the benefits associated with the use of artificial plants. 

Amazing Benefits of Using Artificial Plants

To understand why artificial plants are taking over the market over the real ones, we must understand what all benefits are associated with the use of artificial plants. These benefits of using artificial plants include –

Less Maintenance Required

Unlike real plants, artificial plants require significantly low maintenance. One of the main reasons why more and more people are switching to the use of artificial plants is this. Although they still need regular cleaning and dusting, still the efforts required are very less than the ones you need to maintain the real ones. Apart from this, these artificial plants last longer than the real ones, which makes it a better investment. 

No-Risk of Allergies

As per the studies in the UK, around 13 million people suffer from Hay Fever, the most common allergy known to occur as a reaction to the pollen. There are many other allergies like Asthma that can occur because of plant allergies. So, by avoiding to add the real plants at your home, office, etc., you can avoid risking people to these conditions, making artificial plants the best alternative to the real ones.

Unlimited Choice

When it comes to choosing the real plants for decor, there are loads of restrictions to go through while selecting. Some plants need constant sunlight, while others need partial exposure to sunlight, which in turn limits your options. But, when it comes to choosing artificial plants, there is no such restriction. So, if you want to compliment the interiors of the place, the best way to go is to be with artificial plants. With the advancements, it has become tough to differentiate between the real and fake plants, which makes the use of artificial plants more trending. 

They Boost the Mood & Morale 

Like real plants, artificial plants have proven to boost the mood of people and increase the productivity of the employees. Now, there is a reason behind this. As real plants reduce CO2, they make the place a little more comfortable, but with artificial plants, there is no such thing. Still, it can boost morale and add the benefit of green in the place. The addition of plastic plants can help boost your mood through the vision of green. Studies have shown that visualizing good can influence the spirit and mind’s health.


Low maintenance, long life, and more options, all these factors into reduced costs. Unlike real plants, artificial plants tend to be more pocket-friendly for your decor. 

Some Cool Pros & Cons of Using Artificial Plants 

Pros of Using Artificial Plants

  • They need no sunlight
  • No continuous watering needed
  • They don’t trigger allergies of any sort
  • Boost concentration
  • Don’t attract insects
  • More Designer options
  • Can be placed anywhere 


  • They can raise air humidity levels.
  • Don’t reduce CO2, Mold, or Dust

Mentioned above are the major pros and cons of adding artificial plants in the decoration plan. So, if you are looking for a reason, here it is.

There are many benefits associated with the use of artificial plants that clarifies why artificial plants are taking over the market. Although all these pros of using artificial plants make it a good option, we should not ignore how vital the real plants are for our environment. While suggesting you to include artificial plants in your decor plan, I would also suggest for you to go for the mix of real and fake plants.

Most of the interior decorators are going with a blend of real and artificial plants nowadays. This blend adds to the health and beauty in the place. While people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of artificial plants, they are getting more and farther away from the fact that real plants are also beneficial. So, I suggest that you get to understand the perfect system of decorating with plants in your home, office, etc.

In short, there is an increase in the use of artificial plants when it comes to decoration. So, if you are looking for some places to buy the real looking artificial plants, here are some great options for you – 1st Home, Pepperfry, Amazon, etc. Hurry! Get your home, office, or building a makeover with the best artificial plants online.

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