Dark Colors Vs Bright Colors: Which are Better

Dress is a favorite female outfit that emphasizes the sophistication and fragility of the beautiful half of humanity. A properly selected dress in combination with other things and accessories favorably emphasizes the merits and hides even major flaws.

In this article, we will talk about what dresses of specific shades are combined with, what combinations should be avoided, and also recall the basic rules for creating a stylish female look. If you’re looking to buy from Pavement Brand USA, go through this following guide to learn all about it:

Dark dresses

Any dress of a dark color is a classic of the style. When choosing additions to this, it is important to remember the following rules:

  • Sandals with a dark dress do not combine
  • Thick tights are worn under a black dress look out of place. An alternative is nylon or stockings
  • It is permissible to choose only one large decoration
  • The bag should be small, the best option is a clutch bag

A black dress is a thing that should be in every girl’s wardrobe. This is a universal option that combines favorably with other accessories and dark things. A black dress looks stylish with a matching jacket. Perfectly complement the image of black shoes, a luxurious necklace or a small handbag.

If you are afraid to look bored, dilute the image with bright details, for example, gold jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, blotches on a bag or shoes will add to the image created with the help of a long black dress a share of luxury. Judging by the photos taken at fashion shows, there are plenty of unusual options for wearing a black dress: a silver jacket, leopard shoes, a burgundy coat, a hat with wide brim.

Dress in a black leather dress and formal pumps with a low heel. In order not to look extravagant, you should beware of too high stilettos. A guipure black dress is combined with dark glasses and accessories, decorated with bright rhinestones. Under the magnificent black dress on the floor, fashionable women put on high-heeled shoes of any color, including white.

In order not to look bored in a gray dress, you need to pick up at least one bright accessory to it. You can paint your lips with red lipstick, grab a beige handbag with you, or throw a turquoise scarf on your shoulders. Any dress of a dark shade with a long sleeve can be safely worn with a fur vest or fur coat.

Dresses of light shades

Light dresses look good on slender tall girls. In order not to spoil your appearance with such an outfit, you should remember the following rules:

  • If the figure is imperfect, choose a dress of a free cut and avoid catchy accessories
  • Choose a beige shade that matches your skin color
  • Underwear for such a dress should be flesh, not white

Designers like to combine white dresses with open shoes in light and silver shades. To add brightness to the image, you can wear shoes in red or any other catchy color: coral, green, blue. Accessories are best chosen to match the shoes. The real find under the white dress is a scarf or scarf with a print. Metal inserts on accessories are welcome.

Black details create a strict image. Stylists strongly recommend choosing an accessory of the same shade for a white dress. A white loose-fitting dress looks good with matching athletic shoes. A lacy light dress can be grabbed with a black belt at the waist or added to the image of negligence by throwing a denim jacket over it. An unbuttoned jacket will suit a white midi dress.

Why wear an elegant beige dress? This delicate color looks great without complementary shades. You can choose matching shoes to a beige dress, and completely refuse accessories. Brown, white, gray and even black will be a great addition to beige color. Screaming shades are recommended to be avoided.

Brown dresses are rare, although they look great with large bags and backpacks. A messenger bag is an ideal accessory for a dress in a brown shade. Amber jewelry and glasses in a wooden frame in this combination look especially harmonious.

Bright dresses

In order not to look too extravagant in a bright dress, it is enough to listen to the following tips:

  • One emphasis will be enough. If you wear a bright dress, add accessories to it in soothing shades, such as pastel colors
  • Avoid massive jewelry
  • Combine related colors: a lilac dress with turquoise stilettos or a yellow tunic with an orange bracelet

Stylists wear girls in red dresses who are not afraid of the attention of others. Such a bold decision is complemented by red stones (for example, rubies) or boats in color. Beige shoes are also appropriate. Black color blends wonderfully with a red dress and helps hide figure flaws. A cardigan or dark jacket is put on over a red knit dress.

A green dress looks harmonious with beige accessories like a hat. Girls who are not afraid of experiments can buy a pink handbag for a green dress. Emerald-rimmed glasses will make the look truly summer. The beauty of the blue dress is emphasized by a belt tightened at the waist. To such a bright image, you can pick up a jacket of a calmer shade, for example, brown. A blue sheath dress is best worn with beige pumps or a neutral figure jacket.

A floral dress is not recommended to be combined with other catchy prints. Plain things in priority: cardigans, vests, boleros, jackets. You can choose one of the many shades that are already present on the magnificent dress. For example, under a short dress in a red-white flower, pick up a bracelet of rich scarlet color. The cage is an unusual print that looks great without any additions. With dresses in a cage, thin straps are worn, emphasizing the thinness of the waist. Any one-color details are a priority: leather jackets and hats. Putting on a checkered dress, it is better to completely abandon the elaborate jewelry, replacing them with simple chains and small earrings.

The answer to the question with which shoes to wear a denim dress is extremely concise – with anyone. Sneakers, sandals, sandals, cowboy boots, ankle boots – all these shoes fit a dress of a sports cut. Any denim dress will be interesting to look with a leather jacket and large glasses. A tunic should be combined with tight trousers or jeans, and the harmony of the legs should be emphasized with high heels or platform shoes.

We almost never think about hair color when choosing a party dress to go to a wedding. But, no matter how secondary, the tone we wear can define our style and be our ally in the look we are looking for. For example, now that multi-colored dresses are fashionable. We recommend considering the tone of the hair and skin and choosing the model where the color that suits us best stands out. A pattern with water green and gold tones would be perfect if you have dark hair and will celebrate a wedding on the beach or the countryside.

And if you’re thinking of dyeing your hair before the wedding, we recommend not making a drastic change like going from black to blond. On the other hand, getting baby lights or balayage would be ideal to give volume and luminosity to the hair. But if you’re already determined to change everything, we propose to do a test with a color bath. Here’s more on dark colors vs bright colors.


Both colors are great depending on the type of event you wear it for. So, whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, discover the advice of experts to take advantage of the color of your hair in a totally harmonious look that will make you look amazing with your light or dark-colored dresses.

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