Things to Know About Baby Acne Treatment!

Acne and skin problems are getting common among babies these days. Earlier, the acne problem was common in elders, but today newborn babies are also suffering from acne. Why acne appears on the face of babies? This seems to be the best question whenever we look at the acne issues among babies. In this article, we’ll discuss things to know about baby acne treatment. The treatment of acne is a serious concern that parents should take on a serious note. What are the causes of baby acne and how to find the best treatment for baby acne?

What Causes Baby Acne?

Few very common causes are given below:

  • Hormones (maternal or infant)
  • Yeast
  • Probiotic Imbalance
  • Medication Reaction

Here we go with some causes and treatments for baby acne!

There are so many reasons that cause baby acne on face. In fact, acne appears on the whole body of the baby including back, chest, legs and behind the ears. The acne has got many reasons, but newborn babies are the most attacked these days by acne. What are the actual baby acne causes? According to medical science, the acne delivers to the baby from the maternal hormones during the pregnancy period. Probably 20% of the newborn babies are being affected by this cause. What to do for baby acne when nothing comes to mind? Just visit to know about the causes and baby acne treatment.

treatments for baby acne

It’s quite a known thing that baby acne is known as neonatal acne that appears on the face of the baby when the baby gets 2 or 3 weeks older.

Further, the babies remain affected by acne for several weeks, probably up to 3, 4 weeks. After this time period, the acne starts vanishing and that is a genuine thing. What about other acne threats that keep babies in trouble? Yes, the babies are easily affected by acne and there are various forms of acne that attack newborn babies. Chickenpox is one of those active types of acne that irritate babies, thus they keep doing itching whole night. However, baby acne treatment is available for chickenpox. Chickenpox is basically an infection that usually attacks kids and it can be treated easily. Nowadays, a vaccination has been introduced that provides complete treatment, hence babies feel protected and get rid of Chickenpox that never comes back.

Other than chickenpox, eczema is another threatening acne disease that affects the health of babies. It should be treated well and baby acne remedies are available for eczema. It is better to avoid medication because babies are not strong enough to take strong medicine, the home remedy is the best ever solution. Which home remedy is available for eczema? It’s very simple! Just take some drops of honey and mix it with fresh milk cream. Make a moisturizer of honey and fresh cream milk and apply on the face of the baby gently. It’s the best ever treatment that easily gets rid of baby acne caused by eczema. Further, parents should take care of kids and never give them medicine. Baby acne gets away easily if parents stick to the home remedies.

How to Get Rid of Baby Acne – The Natural Treatment:

Follow the below ways and get the instant results:

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is your most effective through which you can readily treat infant acne because it absorbed into the skin and reached deeper layers. The essential oil has anti fungal properties which help to fight infection which cause acne.

It is safe & poisonous free! It’s organic oil, and there isn’t any probability of unwanted effect in the skin of your infant.

Things You Need:

  • Coconut oil
  • Cotton Ball
  • Baby Soap
  • Water

How to Apply:

  • First of all, you should wash your infant’s face using mild unscented soap
  • Then, there is need to pat the face of the infant until it turns dry
  • Then, pour a few drops of coconut oil on the cotton ball
  • After that, you’ve to apply the cotton ball directly on the affected skin, keep in mind cover the acne prone area with the light layer of coconut oil
  • Keep repeating the same remedy twice or thrice a day, until the acne fades

Breast Milk:

Breast milk is the best-proven solution with lots of indisputable benefits. There is not any doubt that it can help babies in various manners. It sounds strange, but it helps to fade the newborn acne breakouts.

Things You Need:

  • Cotton ball
  • An empty bowl
  • Breast milk
  • Soap
  • Water

How to Apply:

  • First of all, you’ve to clean the face of your infant using mild soap and fresh water
  • Then, add a very small amount of breast milk into the clean and empty container
  • Then, get a cotton ball and dip it into the breast milk
  • Apply this cotton ball directly on the acne prone skin
  • You have to repeat the same remedy until the infant acne go away

Remember that; you’ve to consume organic food because your diet is responsible for your infant’s acne.

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