Best Ways to Supplement Your Food Poisoning Treatment

Whether it was the lip-smacking street food or the previous day’stake away from your favourite restaurant, waking up with a stomach ache is perhaps the worst thing. The frequent trips to the washroom coupled with vomiting and nausea makes one realise that it’s food poisoning.

After a couple of trips to the washroom, a visit to the doctor is necessary for food positioning treatment. Along with the medicines (antibiotics)from the doctor, there are some things you can do to supplement your food poisoning treatment and accelerate the healing process.Practices such as maintaining hand hygiene are critical during food poisoning treatment and beyond. Use Dettol hand wash as a supplement to prevent the spread. Many other ways help in food poisoning treatment.

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  1. Hydration

There’s a massive loss of fluid during food poisoning. It leads to dehydration and in many extreme cases; hospitalisation.

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways to make up for the lost fluids. Also, drinking plenty of fluid helps to flush the stomach when affected with harmful bacteria.

You can drink water, coconut water, juice,or even suck on ice cubes. An electrolyte solution is still the best way to hydrate the body as it will help replenish electrolytes like calcium and potassium. You can even have chicken broth or soup, just make sure it is without spices. Other than that, strictly avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks, and caffeine as it will only aggravate the situation.

  1. Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is a crucial factor that can reduce the chances of food poisoning and other communicable diseases. However, it is also essential to follow hand hygiene during food poisoning treatment.

Not following hand hygiene during treatment can spread the germs to others and may even aggravate the situation. Use Dettol Hand Wash to wash your hands after visiting the washroom. Minimum 30 seconds of hand washing is required to clean the hands properly.Products like Dettol hand sanitizer will work if you’re on the bed and are eating something during your food poisoning treatment.

  1. Eat Bland Food

The best way to quickly heal the case of food poisoning is by eating certain bland foods. Only eat food when you know your stomach can hold them down and they will be gentle. Low-fat and easy-to-digest foods are typically best to regulate the stomach to its normal functioning.

Include foods like bananas, egg whites, cereal, oatmeal, toast,and plain potatoes to aid food poisoning treatment.You can even follow the BRAT diet, which doctors recommended during stomach illnesses. BRAT is an acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

Also, avoid eating anything that is raw or uncooked, including vegetables. Strictly avoid meat, no matter cooked or not. So, you can follow this diet and quickly heal your food poisoning case.

  1. Go Natural

An episode of food poisoning can be a nightmare and sometimes even visiting the doctor can be a hassle. If in initial days you cannot see the doctor, try having natural ingredients such as ginger which can sooth the stomach. It also improves immunity and helps prevent seasonal illnesses and infections of the stomach and others.

Food poisoning is also known as gastroenteritis and is a horrible condition. To avoid an episode of food poisoning, it’s best to follow certain practices. Wash fresh produce before eating, only eat cooked meat, and avoid dodgy restaurants at all costs. Other than that, use Dettol Hand Wash to maintain good hand hygiene and minimise the chances of food poisoning, diarrhoea, stomach cramps,and vomiting.

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