Banners are clickable advertisements. This is the most popular form of online advertising and has many advantages. Present on almost every page of the internet, banner ads are universal in their reach and approach. With the option of placing them just anywhere on the web page, banner ads have carved a niche for themselves. One of the oldest tools of digital marketing, these are cost-effective and both customer as well as business friendly.

Adhering to the needs of the viewers today, banner advertisements are mainly of two types:

  1. STATIC – Banners using only static images or caricatures are called static banners. They are just an improved version of the traditional pamphlets used for marketing. Marking the onset of banner advertising, static banners are one of the oldest concepts of banner advertising. They are easy to create and simple to share. Their greatest advantage is that they are easy to load and work even in a slow internet environment. Hence, they have a greater possibility of being accessible to people residing in places where there are network issues.
  1. ANIMATED – Banners involving animation of any sort fall in the category of dynamic or animated banners. They can include slideshows, boomerangs, small videos or animated creatures. They are generally more appealing and attractive as compared to static banners and can bring more traffic to your website. They have a greater success rate and are more likely to convert viewers into customers. However, they are a bit expensive to create as compared to static banners and may not be much profitable for small ventures.

Unlike pop-ups and fly-ins, banners are more advantageous. They are reusable and cost-effective. Easy to create and even easier to share, they target a specific viewer profile who are more likely to get converted into customers. The universality and the reach of these tools make them even more feasible in today’s scenario. The eye-catching imagery and animation used creates an instant impression in the mind of the user which is retained for a long time.  

Banners involving animationHere are some of the most significant arguments in the favor of banner advertising 

REUSABLE – Banners are reusable. As compared to traditional methods of marketing, using online banners can help you save a lot of costs and reuse the same ad again and again. Unlike physical hoardings, they are not prone to any physical damage and are available for reuse as and when required.

  1. COST-EFFECTIVE – The ‘pay-per-click’ model has made this whole idea of banner advertising and digital marketing quite cost-effective. Unnecessary costs incurred during the conventional methods of marketing can be cut out here. Small ventures can especially benefit a lot from here. A significant margin can be saved without compromising on the production cost.
  1. TARGETED – The greatest advantage of online banner advertising is that it is target specific. Advertisements are shown to customers based on their browsing history and preferences thus making them more likely to click on your banner and land on your website. Hence, increasing the traffic quickly. This systematic and targeted approach helps you gain leads faster and expand your business quickly.
  1. APPEALING – Banners, whether static or dynamic, are appealing. They are easy to view and share. Attractive to the eyes, these are known for their creativity. Even if the viewer sees the banner for roughly 5 seconds, a significant image of the brand will be built. Any random customer is more likely to get drawn to a designer banner rather than textual material even if both promote the same brand and convey the same information. This visually appealing element of the banner advertisement make them more consumer friendly and retain customers in addition to acquiring prospects.
  1. BUILDING BRAND – Online banners are an effective way to build brand recognition. Owing to their reach, they have become indispensable marketing tools. These visually pleasing elements can serve as brand logos even and carve a niche for the brand in the market, thanks to their distinctive features. Each banner is unique in its own way. Human beings tend to have pictorial memory. Viewing a banner for a brand will make someone remember the brand for a longer time rather than reading the textual material.
  1. DATA ANALYSIS – Banner advertisements can give effective results in short time because of the easy data analysis feature that they come along. Unlike conventional television and radio advertisements, you can easily track how many times your ad has been viewed and if it is performing as per your expectations or not. Banners thus give a proper feedback and an opportunity to improve on many grounds.

Banner advertising has thus proved to be an effective form of marketing for small ventures. With little to no technical knowledge at all, you can publish a banner in a matter of minutes and spread awareness about your brand. Being cost effective and reusable, they won’t even cost you much. Unlike videos, you don’t need any professionals to shoot these banners. They are created easily with online free banner making software. With the advent of technology, digital marketing is thus replacing the conventional forms of marketing in an effective manner and is a stunning marketing model for people still trying to make a room for themselves in the market.

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