The Best Gift Cards for 2020 and How to Save Money on Them

Ordinarily, gifts are a crucial part of our healthy relationship. Gift-giving shows the love for loved ones. Over the past few years, gift cards have become more popular as a gift idea. Giving gift cards as a present to your loved one is an act of giving liberty to buy whatever they want. Gift cards can be of various forms like one can earn Netflix codes, make purchase, get discount, etc., using gift cards.

15 most popular gift cards:

American express gift card

It confers the liberty of selection. It is a gorgeous gift that can be given to family, friends, employees, partners, clients, and other people to commemorate a special occasion. Therefore, you can utilize the American Express gift card to purchase products from online stores and are also acceptable at popular shops, stores, restaurants, hotels in India. American Express gift cards possess broad acceptance in India. Cardholders can use the total initial load amount and can purchase products and services at will. The card doesn’t charge an additional fee, so members are not deprived of money over time. Furthermore, there are two methods to check the balance on their gift card that is by calling and by visiting the American Express website. These cards offer hundreds of special offers, and cardholders can take advantage of these. In case the card is ever lost or stolen, American Express provides a quick replacement of the card.

Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards are redeemable across all products on Amazon. These are acceptable up to 12 months from the date of issue and are free of cost. Amazon gift cards are not able to cancel, refund, reload, resale, and transfer. Once applied to the the account, the total amount is added to Amazon pay gifts and credits balance. For eligible orders during check out procedure, pay balance will be used automatically. More than 15 Million items can be purchased on Amazon. With the help of a gift card, one can book flights as well as by bus and movie tickets. Moreover, they can recharge and pay bills. Amazon gift cards can convert into favorite brand vouchers.

Visa gift cards

MSECU members can purchase visa gift cards online, any time with MSECU visa credit or debit card. It can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Therefore, these cards add convenience to the recipient. Nevertheless, it requires purchase fees. Shipping fees may also apply to buy online as well.

Starbucks gift card

Starbucks gift cards are easy to send and receive. One can give a gift by email. It is a perfect treat for your loved ones. Starbucks gift cards are the best way to show customers and clients that you admire them. The most important advantage of this card is it can be reloaded.

Target or Walmart gift cards

Shoppers will use either target or Walmart gift cards. Target gift cards are used at target stores and Though these cards are more prevalent in holidays, they cannot be used to buy any prepaid gift cards.

Restaurant gift cards

When food means love, one can give a dining gift card as a gift to their loved ones to pick from a long list of choices Woohoo provides them with Barbeque Nation E- gift card, Ebony restaurant gift voucher, Faasos e-gift card, Domino’s e-gift voucher, etc. gives assurance that they won’t disappoint anyone with this gift. These famous brands assure that gifts can never go wrong.

Supermarket gift cards:

Supermarket gift vouchers and tickets are more practical gifts that everybody will admire. Accordingly, at the time of check out these cards allow the user to pay for the products they want. The price is deducted from the time of payment. Some supermarket gift cards can be used online. Supermarket gift cards are useful to purchase groceries, homeware, clothing, electrical goods, children’s toys, and much more.

Farmers gift cards

This is the new fashion that came into the picture. Farmers gift cards are like a gift voucher to send a gift to a friend or loved one, which costs very less amount. These gift cards can be used to purchase the goods at any farmer’s Store. The voucher cannot be canceled or replaced. Payment can be made in farmers’ finance accounts through these cards.

Victoria’s Secret gift card

Victoria’s Secret gift card is a perfect present for friends and family members. You can save an average of 15000 rupees per year. Almost 25% of women prefer it over their options.

Zappos gift card

Zappos gift card is a physical gift card shipped to the recipient. Zappos sells clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and more. One can buy gift cards for less than their actual price. Zappos sells gift cards at a discount of 5% off.

Groupon e-gift card

Groupon gives half off at a neighborhood restaurant or 90% off a hot air balloon ride, and customers get twice fun for half the price.


Office collection of prestige beauty products in which they include makeup, skincare, and fragrance online in their 250 stores nationwide. They provide easy access to over 13,000 products and more than 200 brands. Sephora’s card is redeemable. There is no return and refund on gift cards.


The parts donate one percent of all gift card sales to non-profits in their community. You can use your Nordstrom gift card to purchase fashion and accessories at Nordstrom stores in the US and online at

The home depot card

The home depot card offers a modest discount to new cardholders and offers a separate card for more significant projects. Cardholders also enjoy rotating exclusive offers such as 10% of a particular brand for a limited time.

Ways to save money on gift cards

To save money, it is important to know the following tips:

  • Buy someone else’s unwanted gift card for up to 60% off the face value and get an average of 70 rupees when you sell it.
  • Buy discounted gift cards on eBay either through the eBay gift card store or search for gift cards on eBay.
  • Stack cut gift cards with coupons and rebate apps.
  • Buy and sell gift cards on Exchange sites such as, carpool, gift card granny. saves up to 30% at thousands of favorite stores. Buying full-priced gift cards will help get up to 15% cashback to raise money to spend on future purchases. Moreover, it unlocks even more savings with promo codes, free shipping, and today’s top deals for favorite brands.


Buying 30% off their face value and selling gift cards for up to 90% of face value in cash is helpful to save the money on gift cards. Cardpool donates their gift card to charity or a trade and gift card. It provides free shipping for buyers and sellers and a 100-day return policy.

Gift card Granny

It is a collection of gift card search tools. This site compares prices from different sources.

American Express and Visa gift cards

In American Express, you can save money on either the purchase fee or the shipping fees with promotion codes. You won’t save any money on visa gift cards unless a promotion pops up to save and the purchase fee.

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