Best Hostels in Berlin for Backpackers

Berlin is the largest city and the capital of Germany. It is better known for its internationalism and tolerance. If you are in Berlin, you do not have dearth of anything to do, every day of the year, whether in the day or in the night. It always comes with a set of entertainments, culture and an array of events.

Berlin is a city that offers a combo of grit and glamour. A city that boasts of cutting-edge architectural work, vibrant culture, fabulous food, sightseeing and museums – not to mention the lovely beach bars and summer roof terraces.

If you are a digital nomad or a backpacker and want to visit Berlin, you are surely not to be disappointed. The city thrives on excitement, with exhibitions, shows, culture and events, every day during the year.  Berlin is a splendid city for the foodies as it is the home of street food in Germany- Currywurst and the DonerKebab are some of the inventions that originated here.

So, if you keen to explore the city, and set up your base in a home-like place, the best place for you is a hostel in Berlin.

Some of these top-rated hostels in Berlin for the backpackers are:

St. Christopher’s Berlin

St. Christopher’s Berlin

It is bang in the centre of Berlin that makes it a favourite base for the backpackers. It has a location that is near to the TV tower, Alexanderplatz and Museum Island. The guests get free linen and free Wi-fi – to explore the culture, history and the nightlife of this vibrant city.

centre of Berlin

On top of these, they are assured of a continental breakfast in the morning. The staff is rated as proactive and super-helpful. The women’s bathrooms are well appreciated due to the good mirrors and extra hair dryers. The guests are entitled for great deals on drinks and 25 % discount in the onsite restaurants for food. The price is on the higher side but offers value for the money.

nightlife in Berlin

The guests can choose from single, double or multi-bed dorms. There are options of private apartments for those seeking for additional luxury. On the ground level of the hostel, you have a vibrant bar – Belushi’s. It is known to serve great food, from midday till 11 pm. It offers discounts and drinks special for the guests with plasma TV screen for any huge sporting event.

Eastener Hostel

Eastener Hostel

This is the hostel that fits well for the independent travellers. It is the right fit for the non-smokers as smoking is prohibited -whether inside or outside the property. Moreover, it has a location in the Old Town of Berlin – in the Mitte-District. If the guest is fond of sightseeing that too within walking distances, then this has to be the choice. To name a few of these sightseeing sights are – Berlin Wall Memorial, Museums Island with National Galerie and Pergamon as well as food street of Oranienburger Strasse.

Each room has a wash basin with hot water. It allows hot shower – 24 hours a day. The rooms have free lockers but needs own padlock.  People who have stayed in the past had appreciated the warm and serene environment of this place. The price is reasonable considering the amenities provided.

2A Hostel

2A Hostel

Neukoelin happens to be an international and upcoming district in Berlin. This is where is our next hostel 2A is located. This new district offers everything that is desirable by a backpacker for exploring Berlin. It is not famous for its art scene but at the same time it is multicultural. On top of these travelling pleasures, if the traveller is looking for a reasonably priced hostel, then this is the one.

This hostel was started in 2011 and is neat and clean- with toilets in every room. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, with secure and safe lockers. Moreover, Wi-Fi access is free and there are optional ladies only dormitories. The guests can dine in a large dining room and there is a modern bar that offers lounge environment.

The hostel is stated as the most modern hostel in Berlin. In fact, it offers much more than what is expected by a normal hostel. This hostel remains a favourite for the backpackers, families, couples as well as youth and student groups as it is not that expensive.

Kiez Hostel

Kiez Hostel

Not many hostels will offer a chilling atmosphere amidst the hustle and bustle of the city of Berlin. On top of this, if the backpacker is looking for a comfortable, cozy environment then Kiez Hostel is that is which is recommended. The prices are definitely on the higher side.

It is located in the most visited district in Berlin named Friedrichshain. If the backpacker is fond of art then the East Side Gallery is at stone’s throwing distance and is close to many a club, theatres, restaurants and bars.

The hostel offers rooms that are clean and tidy as well as secure. It has special offer for girls with 6 bed dormitories and attached toilet. In case of the double rooms, it offers an additional occupant, if necessity arises.

The travellers can always ride a public transport and access places like Museum Island Shopping mall or even the UNESCO world heritage sites of Potsdam, with its palaces.

Jetpack Eco Lodge

Jetpack Eco Lodge

If the backpacker wants to be surrounded by the serene environment of a forest, then this hostel is the best option, as it is located inside the forest. It is a location that 20 minutes away from the Zoo station. It is a pocket-friendly hostel for the young generation.

It is an eco-friendly hostel that the backpackers are sure to like. Solar panels are used for heating the hot waters. The power is made available by using 100 % renewable sources. There is recycling of waste as bottles are returned back to the manufacturer – and other items recycled too. Food is composted at a safe distance away from the hostel.

The rooms are bright and clean and that too with hygienic bathrooms. Although there is a 24 hours available bus service, there is a facility for renting German bikes – which is convenient for the travellers, who wishes to be taken to the City Centre. It is ideal for the museum lovers as three main museums are located nearby. Moreover, the travellers may enjoy the exclusive trail system that runs through the pristine forest of Gruenwald.

Hostel City Bed 2

Hostel City Bed 2

It offers a great place for the backpackers – with coworking space, that comes with designer chairs and tables. It is hostel located in the Kurfürstendamm district of Berlin. This is a district quite famous for restaurants. bars and shopping galleries. It is close to public transport and situated in a classy neighbourhood. The traveller can access some of the main attraction of Berlin – the Zoo or the Memorial Church, located nearby.

It caters to the needs of the first-class backpackers and travellers whose priority is to stay in budget-friendly accommodations. The in-room internet connection is free. It offers free broadband internet for Mac and Windows Computers. The travellers can avail of the in-room iPhone and iPod speakers – with options for exchanging playlists with guests from all over the world.

There are plenty of local eateries, for the guests, suitable for every budget and dietary choices – located in the neighborhood. However, the guests are served with beverages during the day, at the Hotel City Bed Cafe of the likes of assortment of teas, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Coffee, Espresso and Latte Macchiato.

The above hostels in Berlin are some names – out of a wide array of choices, depending upon the budget constraints, along with the amenities that the backpackers are looking for. However, the decision making remains theirs only.

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