Common Dog Health Problems

There is nothing more fulfilling than the presence of a happy and healthy dog in a home. The faithful companion will be ready to play, invite you after the long day’s work, and accompany you to the stores and parks. It is for these reasons that you must be aware of the common dog health problems. You can hence take care of the pet properly. Here are some of them:

Ear Infections

If you have seen your dog tilting or shaking its head or even scratching the ears vigorously, there is a chance that it has an ear infection. They are caused by ear mites, allergies, yeast and bacteria, and hair growth in the deeper parts of the ear. As the issue becomes worse, the dog will start to lose balance while its eyes movements will seem to be going back and forth. Swelling, brown or yellow discharge will also be noticed around the area of infection. Taking the dog to the veterinary is critical at this point. The most probable solution that they will recommend is cleaning and medicating the pet. Surgery will be required if the infection is chronic.

Soft Skin Injuries

An active dog is likely to have accidents on a regular basis. This will lead to injuries on its skin. Additionally, the incidents may be caused by the dog clippers during the grooming procedures. This can be avoided by learning the critical tips of buying and using the clippers safely. It is also important to remove the sharp objects from your yard and other areas where the pet visits frequently. The veterinary will give you medication to facilitate the healing process.


There are dozens of reasons why the dog keeps vomiting on a regular basis. The common ones are food poisoning, kidney failure, intestinal parasites, and pancreatitis. Check out for blood in the vomit and signs of lethargy to determine if the condition is life-threatening. Contact the veterinary immediately in such instances. Besides giving the pet injections and drugs, they may recommend that you make easy-to-digest foods. Fluid therapy is also worth considering.


The health problem may accompany vomiting or occur on its own. The causes include food poisoning, stress, infections, and parasites. Given that the condition will naturally cause dehydration, offering the pet a lot of clean water is important. The professionals must be contacted if the issue persists.


A range of worms will affect a dog’s health. From the hookworms, heartworms, tapeworms, to roundworms, the worms will cause devastating impact on the pet. The symptoms include: vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and loss or gain of appetite. The ingested foods and feces may be contaminated. The worms may also opt to penetrate through the skin. It is important to de-worm the pet after every three months.

Fleas and Ticks

Your dog will visit areas where the blood-sucking fleas and ticks inhabit. It is inclusive of the parks and yards. If you don’t clean your rugs and carpet often, the pests will be a part of your home and eventually the dog. The summer time is the ideal time for them to attack because the dogs are in a playful mood. The best thing is that you can easily spot them on the skin and remove them. On the flip side, they create discomfort and damage the dog’s skin. Continuous scratch can cause open wounds and infections. You can avoid this by using medicated shampoos and antihistamines.

Urinary Tract Infections

These infections are characterized by frequent urination and increased thirst. The pet may also be lethargic. It can be frustrating for you as you try to keep the environment clean. If untreated, it can lead to other complications such as cancer and bacterial infections. Seeking for the expert’s solutions is hence vital.


A senior dog is more likely to have this health complication more than the puppies. It becomes difficult for the pet to climb the stairs or go for long walks. Just like humans, the cartilage of the pet’s bones may have started to thin out because of the age factor. It is painful if the problem is not managed. The management involves giving the dog proper diets and supplements. Ensuring that the dog exercises on a regular basis is also vital.

Dental Problems

Brushing the dog’s teeth is one of the most difficult parts of grooming. The pet will not appreciate the entire process of opening its mouth and may even attempt to chew the toothbrush. The breath may also discourage you from doing a perfect job. However, the dog will contract infections and will, therefore, have issues chewing foods. To solve the problem, you must find ways of encouraging the pet to open its mouth for brushing. It may mean offering reward and praises. Further, use the right toothbrush and toothpaste for better results.


Even as humans across the globe are increasingly struggling to find amicable solutions to weight issues, the dogs are being affected as well. It is explained by the poor feeding habits and limited physical activities amongst the ever-busy dog owners. If you would rather watch a favorite show as you cuddle the dog than walking, then you can be sure that the pet will become obese with time. Needless to say, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important part of keeping your dog in perfect shape.

Certainly, there are numerous health complications that can impact your dog’s quality of life negatively. You will avoid them if you:

  • Consult the veterinary for advice and treatment.
  • Groom the dog on a regular basis.
  • Observe the various symptoms of the health complications and act on time.
  • Prepare healthy meals for the dog and encourage physical activities.
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