10 Easy Steps to Groom Your Dog

You will have a wonderful relationship with your dog if you treat them well. One of the hallmarks of treating your dog well is ensuring that you groom them perfectly. Dog grooming is beneficial in several ways. For example, when you groom your dog, you help them to be clean always, thus keeping them safe from many health conditions. Also, having your dog groomed always helps them to be in good moods. But it is not easy to groom your dog if you do not understand the best process of doing it. Here are ten easy steps to groom your dog that you can use.

  1. Clipping the nails

You need to keep the nails of your dog clean, short and well-trimmed. The best way of doing this is by setting a schedule of when to trim the nails. Having in place a nail trimming schedule for your dog helps you to plan on when to do the clipping. Also, when you keep such a schedule, you can easily access all the things that you need before the day of clipping the nails arrives. The best way of clipping the nails of your dog is by using the right clippers. there are as many clippers as there are types of dogs. For example, for your small dog, you can search for cheap clippers for small dogs online or among your local retailers. Also, if you have a big dog, you can still get the right clippers to use on them.

  1. Make bathing comfortable

Most dog keepers think that they can repeatedly force their dogs to bath by wrestling them to the bathtub. While doing this may make sense maybe once or twice, it may not be the best way of grooming your dog. You need to build and maintain a close relationship with your dog. If you keep on forcing them to bathe, you end up losing the bond that you may have had with them. You should, therefore, be patient with your dog and train him on using the tab. Remember to reward them every time they are calm during the bathing to reinforce the association with water.

  1. Brushing

To keep your dog well-groomed always, you must maintain the practice of brushing them before you take them to the bathing tub. Remember to use the correct brush for the process. Also, while brushing your dog, always start from the head and slowly but thoroughly work your way backward. Doing this helps to remove loose hair which may interfere with your bathing tub if you bathe your dog before brushing them. Also, brushing your dog keeps him well-groomed and in high spirits.

  1. Make sure your dog is thoroughly wet during bathing

You need to ensure that the water you use to bathe your dog reaches their skin. After securing your dog with a leash, apply the water to their bodies if you think it is necessary. Make sure that the water gets to every part of their bodies. While doing so, it may be critical to ensure that the water does not get into their ears. The best way of doing this is by inserting two large balls before you take your dog to the bathing tub.

  1. Keep all the things that you need handy

At times you need several bathing supplies to ensure that you keep your dog well-groomed always. It is not advisable to leave your dog shivering and rush to get your shampoo or any other supply that you may be missing. Using this approach may give your dog a bad experience because they will start to shiver as they struggle to get dry. To avoid this situation, make sure that you collect all the things that you need and keep them close enough before you start the process of grooming your dog.

  1. Use your shampoo

There are various types of shampoos for dogs. The most common one, the anti-flea shampoo, is an effective remedy against an attack by fleas. Once you have bathed your dog, you need to apply this type or any other kind of shampoo to keep them clean. The basic principle of applying shampoo to your dog is to ensure that the shampoo gets to every part of their bodies. Once you have applied it to their bodies, you can lather and scrub. remember that while fighting fleas, you may have to follow them to the ears and nose of your dog. Therefore, apply some shampoo to these areas to kill some of the fleas that may be hiding in those parts of the body of your dog.

  1. Rinsing

One of the most important steps in the process of grooming your dog is rinsing them. You must rinse your dog thoroughly for various reasons. Primarily, if you fail to rinse your dog thoroughly, the shampoo that you use to kill fleas may dry on the skin of your dog. The shampoo has some chemical compounds which, when left on the body of your dog for long, may irritate. Therefore, you must cleanse the body of your dog of any traces of shampoo during the grooming process.

  1. Using conditioners

Conditioners help the hair and skin of your dog to be in good shape always. However, at times, you can keep your dog in perfect condition without using conditioners. However, if you have them, it is always better to apply conditioners to the body of your dog immediately after the shampooing.

  1. Drying

The last step in the process of grooming your dog is ensuring that they are totally dry. The best and easiest way of drying them is using a hairdryer. You must keep it at the ‘warm’ level while drying your dog. Alternatively, you can use your towel to dry the body of your dog and then let them air-dry for a few minutes.

In conclusion, following these necessary steps can help you keep your dog well-groomed always. Moreover, the steps are easy to follow; therefore, you do not need to have specialized knowledge for you to support them to groom your dog. However, remember that some of these steps are very critical for the safety of your dog. For example, it is essential to keep the water away from the ears of your dog by using individual balls.

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