Essential Dog Grooming Tips for Every Dog Owner

In order to groom your pet dog efficiently, it is very essential to maintain proper hygiene and give him regular baths. It’s also important to know and understand the grooming process in somewhat detail and have the necessary equipment readily available.

In the absence of regular cleaning, pest infestations could arise that can be quite troublesome to get rid of. Remember – regular grooming of your dog will not only add to its visual and aesthetic appeal, but also keep it healthy and happy.

The first thing to know while setting out to start the grooming process is to know the breed of your dog and find out its particular requirements. Listed below are a few grooming tips that every dog owner can find useful.

The Equipment

The same standard type of equipment may not suit all breeds. Some of the important equipment that you will need are:

Brushes: A quality bristle brush can useful in remove dirt and debris from your dog’s coat. Breeds with shorter coats require brushes with soft and short bristles while the ones with longer coats will need longer and stiffer brushes. Regular brushing will help remove matted and tangled hair of dogs that sport longer hair. Rubber brushes are more suited for short-haired dogs.

Pet clippers: Some clippers crafted with pet dogs in mind come with several snap-on attachments that allow more precision and flexibility than your standard barber shop issue clippers.

A pet vacuum cleaner is very much useful in scooping up those fine dog fur and hairballs that get caught up in the furniture upholstery and carpeting around the house.

Regular Brushing

It is highly recommended to brush your dog’s coat regularly. It’d be a good idea to start brushing your pet from an early age so that the dog gets accustomed and comfortable with the process. Not only will this lead to better co-operation from his end, this can also develop into some quality time with your best friend while you brush and groom his coat.

Clipping Routine

A pet specific pair of heavy-duty clippers with snap-on attachments is very much recommended for pet dogs. Be sure to pay attention to the color of your dog’s skin and any changes while in the process of clipping them. If any adjacent part turns pink in color, the nail should be left alone as it is likely that your dog’s nail roots get injured.

Bathing your Dog

Depending upon the breed and his living conditions, a pet dog should be given his bath at regular intervals. You can choose to do so by either hosing him down in the driveway, giving him a more thorough cleaning in your bath tub, or indulge in a professional one at the pet salon.

Bathing your Dog

Nowadays, there are self service dog wash units available for your use at pet stores, convenience stores, dog parks, veterinarians etc. If you are experienced and comfortable in bathing your dog by yourself, you can seek out one easily in your neighborhood.

The Right Shampoo

Use human shampoo on dogs is an absolute no-no. A dog’s fur coat and skin is different from that of a human and a regular human shampoo might get too harsh on it. It is advisable to use a suitable dog shampoo appropriate for your particular breed to get the best of results. If you have a pet dog of a lighter color, you should look for a shampoo that can be effective in removes dirt and tear stains and enhance its fur shine.

You can use a medicinal shampoo for allergies that also helps keep the skin conditioned. There are several all-natural shampoos in the market that are organic, not scented and thus better suited for a dog’s skin.

Professional Grooming

Professional Grooming

It’s advisable to opt for professional dog grooming services once a while. A professional session will provide a much needed third party inspection and grooming recommendation for your dog, which pet parents tend to have overlooked. This is also beneficial in giving your dog a good social interactive experience.

Generally, a groomer will always have stocks of appropriate supplies of grooming. You can seek their recommendation and purchase suitable supplies from them if needed. A friendly groomer could also dole out valuable and expert advice and tips on grooming.

In addition to being light on your pockets, grooming your dog and giving him a dog wash by yourself can be a great bonding opportunity for you to build trust with your pet. This can also ensure that you’re always likely to be aware of any health issues and keep tabs on any behavioral changes.

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