How to Convert Blog Readers into Paying Customers

You get thousands of visitors every day on your blog. But, do you still not see any results in your revenue? Having thousands of people reading your blog posts every day doesn’t specifically mean that they will immediately sign in and buy your products instantly. When you started your blog, you thought of it as a great way to grow your number of visitors. Thus, it is normal to think that if you have more readers, you will also have more customers.

However, the term “blog reader” is not synonym to “buyers”. If you want to convert your readers to paying customers, you need to do more than just publish content on your blog. You create your content in such a way to convince your readers that your products are the answer to their questions. Therefore, your content marketing goals should be built around this outcome. This article is going to show you which steps to follow to successfully turn your readers into paying customers and thus grow your profits.

Convert Your Blog Readers into Paying Customers

Blogging might be fun, but you cannot do blogging just because of it. Of course, it is nice to receive the attention of your readers, but you cannot pay your employees and bills with this. A healthy business needs revenue and this can only be possible if you turn your readers into paying customers.

  • Answer to objections in your blog posts

When you start blogging, you need to attract your target audience. So, the first step is to define your buyer personas and define as many characteristics as possible. This is how you will discover who are the customers who will buy your products immediately, and who has some reservations. Therefore, when you build your blog posts, you should position your product as the right model which answers to their needs. You should also personalize your language to fit their personality. Finally, your price should be the best combination for the quality you offer. This is how you will address some of the most common objectives your readers might have.

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  • Know your buyer’s buying cycle

Before a reader makes the final buying decision, he will go through the following purchase cycle. Usually, the buying cycle a reader follows until he becomes a customer is the following:

  • The need – when a customer enters on your site he knows that he needs something, but he isn’t 100% sure what exactly that is. It might be a problem that he needs to fix, but he isn’t sure how to do it.
  • Initial research – as soon as they discover exactly what they need, your customers will look for a solution to their problem. So, they will start doing their own research, looking for convenient solutions.
  • Final research – your customer has found that you offer the perfect solution to his problem. The only missing piece of the puzzle is to identify the place where to order that product.
  • Purchasing – the customer is 100% sure that you offer the best option and he makes the purchase.

“When you want to create blog posts that convert to sales, then you will be targeting directly those readers who are in the initial research phase. You need to provide the exact information your visitors need to get the answer to their questions. So, your content should be persuasive and inspire confidence. These is how you will be able to convince your readers go through the entire buying process and get a purchase in the end”, mentions the Managing CMO of RatedByStudents.

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  • Build specific landing pages

Research has shown that you can increase your leads and conversion rates by 55% if you increase your landing pages from 10 to 15. Your digital marketing efforts need to end with a click. But, apart from that, it is very important that your visitors reach your landing page, not on your homepage. If you want to convert your readers to buyers, they should be directed to those pages that show them how to buy your products. In general, homepages contain too many elements and distract your readers from the most important thing: your product.

On the other hand, a landing page helps you focus on your digital marketing strategy. This is how you can easily build your conversion rate and have better prospects. What does this mean? You should include in each guest post or article a link to your landing pages. From here it is very easy to transform your readers into buyers. In addition, you can increase the visibility of your landing pages by focusing on SEO.

When you launch a new blog, you don’t have any limitations. If you are new in the business, this doesn’t mean that you are small. You can use all the strategies above and increase your conversion rate and boost your site visits. You just need to use your imagination and discover what your customers want. You should build your content so that you respond to their needs and emphasize the best qualities of your products.

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