Crafty Engineering Supplies that can Help you with your DIY Project

There are a lot of engineering supplies that we can find online but which one of these are crafty tools that can help us for our DIY project? From pipe cleaners to writing tools, from writing to carpentry tools, there is a swarm of crafty engineering supplies that will certainly help us with our diy project.

The internet has revolutionized our daily lives by putting millions of how-to guides and solutions to our problems just a few quick clicks away. Also known as DIY, do-it-yourself is one of the latest crazes brought forth by the internet. DIY is a method of using ordinary items to create, modify or transform new or improved art materials and practical items.

One great thing about DIY projects is that they allow us to unleash our creativity, and we do not have to become experts or professionals like engineers to succeed in a particular project. However, certain skills and familiarity with certain items are often needed to complete DIY projects.

Here are some crafty supplies that can elevate and simplify lots of DIY ideas:

Pipe cleaners

Fuzzy and easy to bend, pipe cleaners are versatile tools that can be used to shape objects. You can make DIY pipe cleaner flowers and it is the most adorable thing that you can place in your desk:

Pipe cleaners

Writing Tools

Different styles, points, and colors of markers, pens, and pencils can add lots of color to your DIY creations and help them stand out above the rest! Here are a variety of writing and drawing kits that can help you in your next project. Bring new colors to a blank pad of paper. Turn a plain can by coloring them with these kits. The possibility of creating new DIY crafts are endless. Here are some diy crafts that you can do while using writing tools:

Check out this cute DIY note that you can doodle through the use of writing tools:

Writing Tools

Or this DIY calligraphy frame that you can stroke with your own hands:

DIY calligraphy

Carpentry Tools

Just when you think that your hammers, screwdrivers, and adjustable wrenches are just for home repairs, you’ll notice they come in handy during DIY building as well. Any carpentry tool can be an essential instrument in making the most out of your DIY projects. Whether you will build a gardening fence, a movable table, a crate, a diy desk, carpentry tools are always handy in achieving your desired design.


Another must-have in DIY projects, scissors are important in cutting materials down to the necessary size and shape. Along with the usual scissors, there are also specialized ones, like craft scissors, that are widely used by paper crafters and scrapbookers to make the edges of paper more unique.


Whether it is glue gun, white craft glue and mod podge, glues and other adhesive stuff are great in pasting materials together or even enhancing the stickiness of a material. However, it is important to know the type of material that will stick together before choosing the right glue.


With all the different kinds and colors of paint that are available, a great coat of paint contributes more than just color to a project. Some paints can also improve the structure of a material, provide a smoother and more enhanced appearance, and strengthen the material to make it last longer.


When glue is not enough, different types of tape can come to the rescue. Tape can also be used to add creative and colorful patterns and designs to your project. Here are some washi tapes diy crafts that you can try:

Isn’t this washi tape wall paper look adorably cute?

washi tape

Or this adorable light switch decorated with washi tape:

decorated with washi tape

Things to Consider Before Starting DIY Projects

Whether you are a newbie and fascinated by the idea of DIY or already an expert in making things your own way, knowing and doing what needs to be done before starting any DIY project still matters.

Here are some pointers:

  1. Always wear protective clothing to ensure safety while working. Wear gloves that can prevent hand and finger cuts. Wear shoes that are sturdy and has a thick sole. This can prevent you rom getting injured if you accidentally step on a nail.
  2. Keep the room well-ventilated especially if your project includes paints and other hazardous materials. Always wear a mask when working with paints so you can avoid inhaling hazardous fumes from it.
  3. Use the correct tools and materials, preparing everything you need before you start to work. Keep your work area neat and tidy so you can work properly and in an organized way. This will also avoid accidents in your workplace.
  4. Keep the tools and other materials in a safe place after using them. If you have children at home, don’t forget to lock them up. These materials can help us build beautiful diy crafts but can also harm our loved ones if not stored and used properly.
  5. Take your time! It’s not a race — work smart to avoid mistakes and injuries.
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