Custom Power Systems and Standby Generators for Sale

Electricity supply is integral to the lives of most people. From homes to businesses, factories, hospitals and even on farms, everyone has a need for it. With so much dependence on electricity for different critical daily activities, what happens when for any reason there is an outage? You can imagine the many issues that will follow.

While in some situations, these might not be immediately felt, in some others, it is critical to performance and even a short term outage can mean the difference between saving and losing a life. It can mean the difference between meeting demand and not doing so and it can also be a difference between losing money and making it.

A lot of the time, until the power goes out, getting a backup does not always come to mind. You do not have to wait until this happens before you take action especially if you are in a situation where you require a constant supply of power. It might be too late by then and you will face the consequences.

Power outages are usually due to poor weather conditions such as snowstorms, hurricanes, windstorms, etc. It can also simply be a utility outage. These can last for a few hours, all through the day and in some cases may extend to days.This will mean that you are stranded if you do not have a backup system.

You can see some reasons for an outage here:

To avoid any negative or unwanted impact, the solution is to have a backup plan in the shape of custom power systems such as standby generators. This should be seen as a necessity and not a luxury because when there is a blackout, you can be sure that you are not stressed. Your home or business is taken care of until there is a restoration and this ensures that you are comfortable and at peace.

What Are Standby Generators?


Standby generators are power generating devices that supply electricity to a building, facility, property, infrastructure or space. They are used as a backup to provide temporary electrical power in places where there is either no electricity or in case of an outage.

Standby generators operate automatically needing no human involvement save for refueling and maintenance when those are needed. They are typically powered using either natural or propane gas and some may use diesel. There is an automatic transfer switch that detects when there is no utility supply.This triggers the generator to come on and the electrical load is transferred to it. As soon as there is a restoration of power, this is detected and the switch transfers the electrical load back to the utility supply and so the generator goes off.


When there is a cut off in utility supply, custom power supply systems provide you with a number of benefits.Some of these include:

  • Keeping the food in your refrigerator fresh.
  • Making you and your family comfortable. As an example, during winter, your heating system can be up and running and during summer, your air conditioning is available.
  • Ensuring that there is no downtime in your business or factory operations.
  • Ensuring safety by helping save lives in situations such as those using medical devices, people stuck in an elevator, etc.
  • Enhancing your security. All security systems need electricity to function and you do not want that to go out.
  • Boosting the value of your property.

Applications of Custom Power Systems


Residences and Homes

Whether you own a private home or as a developer you own a block of residential apartments, you can install a standby generator for those times when there is an outage. It is especially essential to have in high rise buildings that use elevators. Imagine a power cut and people in the building have to come down via the staircase.

It is not palatable in any way and even worse if a person is stuck in the elevator, how do they come out? All these can be avoided by having a backup power installed in the residence or building.

Business, Factories, Industries, and Construction Sites

For businesses, factories, and industries that have to meet production demands and so cannot afford to have any downtime, it is essential that there is always a standby generator to provide backup in the event of an outage. One common application of this also is in the construction business where most times, there is no connection to the grid. Custom power systems can help provide the electrical needs of such a location.

Medical and Health Facilities

Most health facilities, whether they be a hospital, a laboratory, blood banks, or imaging and radiology centers, etc. have devices and appliances that rely on electricity to work. Some of these appliances cannot afford to be off at any given moment as this can have devastating effects in so many ways especially for people on life support. Having a generator is most times a requirement for health facilities to avoid occupational disasters.


On farms and ranches, generators are used as either as a backup or sometimes a primary source of electricity supply. Pumps, irrigation systems, greenhouses, and farm automated systems are just a few of the many applications of generators in agriculture. You can find some more here.

They can also be useful for reaching places where the national grid is not available. This ensures for farmers, that they can continue operations both in crop and livestock production, and ultimately, it allows for food availability for the nation.


Another important location where generators and custom power system are needed is at an airport. Electric power is important to help during flight support.As airplanes take off and land, there is a need for consistent supply of electricity. It is also useful in other airport operations such as ticket purchase, check-in, airport security, as well as maintaining the integrity of the timing of flight departure and arrival.

An airport can therefore not afford an outage. When power from the grid is not available, a standby generator kicks into operation to help it to continue functioning. Just like in medical facilities, it is always a requirement for airports to have a backup power supply.

Concerts, Carnivals and Events

Standby generators also serve as a temporary power supply in places such as parks or places where events like carnivals, concerts, and the like are held. They can help power the lights, instruments, and other electrical devices like candy machines, bounce castles, etc. that make the place fun.

Having considered all these, if you are looking to purchase a generator, be it a new or pre-owned one, you can check for more information.


There are many places where custom power systems and backup solutions are useful. As long as there is a need for electricity, if you are connected to the grid, it is essential to have a backup plan for situations where there is no supply from the grid. If you are in a situation where there is no supply of electricity in any way, you absolutely have no worries. Getting a generator will ensure you are covered.

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