Diet Tips and Home Remedies for All Common Lifestyle Disorders and Ailments

Our new lifestyle has changed it all!

Televisions rule instead of books…

Mobile phones made us forget writing letters…

Computers have made us forget our spellings…

Air Conditioning means we do not take in fresh air…

Artificial fragrances have taken us away from natural ones…

Fast food has taken over our traditional food…

And the COVID 19 pandemic has made us curse the one who sneezes, instead of blessing! But what about our own illnesses? Are we taking care of ourselves well? Our ‘modern’ lifestyle has given birth to many health problems. Let’s take a look at how we can tackle most of those, by using home remedies suggested by the Nutritionist Lavleen Kaur.

But before we dive in the treasure trove of home remedies, here are five factors you need to take care of:

Make a diet routine: Fix time for your diet. Only a diet followed in a routine would be effective.

Exercise routine: A healthy diet plan is always complimented by exercise.

Good sleep: A good night’s sleep is the key to let the body repair and attain benefit of all remedies.

Lower your stress: A diet is effective only if you are in a healthy state of mind. Keeping stress at bay is important.

Sufficient water intake: A sufficiently hydrated body keeps you cell communication efficient, hence is particularly important.

After making sure the above five steps are properly undertaken, let us move to the effective remedies:

High Uric Acid

Curry leaves are an excellent remedy. Take 2-3 fresh curry leaves in the morning and chew them. Boiling a few leaves in water and consuming that water also helps in keeping a check on uric acid. Curry leaves do not let the acid accumulate in our body, hence prove effective.


Stopping intake of all refined foods is recommended for effective management of thyroid. This includes refined oils, refined flour, refined sugar, refined salt etc. Including coconut oil, coriander seeds, selenium seed rich food in your diet helps. Kindly refer to the detailed blog about Thyroid management.

Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder

Include 1 teaspoon flax seeds in your diet. Since flax seeds are warm in nature, you may add water with cumin seeds soaked in it, as it will balance it out with its cooler nature. We have a video recipe of Jaggery balls, that would help in regulating your periods. Also include spices like turmeric, nutmeg and cinnamon in your diet.


A mixture of neem leaf powder, bitter gourd (karela) powder and jamun powder, added in your daily vegetable juice is a potent remedy. Taking organic unfiltered jamun vinegar in a diluted form half an hour before meals helps in keeping sugar levels maintained. But the dosage needs to be decided after taking all health parameters into account by a professional.


Along with boosting immunity, garlic also helps in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. If consuming garlic raises your acidity levels, dipping and soaking garlic in coconut oil or honey neutralises that effect. Organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, 5 ml in a glass of water, half an hour before meals maintains healthy appetite and manages cholesterol as well.

Blood Pressure

Soak poppy seeds in an earthen vessel overnight and consuming that water in the morning is a healthy practice. That being said, the quantity needs to be customised according to your levels of blood pressure.

Kidney Stone

Water with watermelon seeds or coriander seeds soaked in, is very beneficial. Pomegranate juice is a delicious remedy of kidney stone. The water in which kidney beans (rajma) are boiled is also very effective. But the doses of all these need to be fixed by a professional, according to your bodily needs.

Dark Circles

Due to increased usage of gadgets, having dark circles is a very common problem. Applying almond oil/coconut oil under the eyes at night helps reducing the dark circles. Coconut oil is wonderful remedy for conditions like dark circles, pigmentation, blemishes, or eczema.

Raw vegetables and fruits cleanse our body, hence help in reducing dark circles. Kesar paani cleanses the blood, and nourishes the skin. It is also known as ‘Elixir of Youth’. Getting a good sleep, and using less gadgets goes a long way in reducing dark circles.

Water Retention

Taking banana early in the morning works wonders in reducing water retention.


Include foods rich in Vitamins B7, E, and Iron and protein, like walnuts, almonds and coconut water in your diet.


Consuming 6-7 black peppers during a day prove to be relaxing and effective for patients of migraine.


Consume iron rich foods like figs, dates, prunes, sprouts etc, and Vitamin C rich foods are the best to improve blood iron levels.


Vitamin D is very essential in keeping sinus in check. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Another deficiency which crops up with vitamin d is of vitamin B12. Including flax seeds and desi ghee in your diet would help in the absorption of these vitamins easily. The good old pickles and other fermented food items contain vitamin K12, which helps in absorption of vitamin D.


Inhaling steam with eucalyptus oil cleanses the lungs and breathing exercises strengthen them. Black pepper is very beneficial for asthmatic patients too.


Include selenium rich and calcium rich food in your diet to maintain a good bone density.


Including chlorophyll rich food in your diet like moringa and spirulina can help a lot in getting better sleep, but the quantity needs to be checked by a professional. Having chamomile tea or nutmeg water before sleep also has a calming effect, and proves to be helpful.


Fibre, water and exercise helps the best to resolve constipation. Also, taking a small dose of a mixture of watermelon seeds+ajwain+ jeera+saunf helps too. Though it needs to be examined why the problem exists in the first place.


Turmeric and curd work wonders as a probiotic and strengthen your gut health.


This is one aspect which worries everyone today. All the lifestyle improvements and all the suggestions above help in improving and strengthening the immunity

These are a few general guidelines in home remedies for most of our lifestyle problems.

Word of Caution

While all above suggestions are a good starting point at home, if you have multiple health concerns, or currently on medication, it is strongly recommended that you keep a nutrition expert or a doctor in the loop. None of the above remedies should be regarded as quick fixes. These are effective when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Author Bio:

Lavleen Kaur

Lavleen Kaur is known as North India’s most trusted, qualified and award winning dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist and a Lifestyle Coach. She holds a masters degree in Foods and Nutrition backed with experience working in reputed local hospitals.

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