Easing WordPress Landing and Under Construction Page with Top Rated Plugin

Gone are the days when coding knowledge used to be necessary for website development. With drag-drop configurable systems, even the technical novices can now make their website and customize designs. WordPress has revolutionized the way we have been developing websites and web pages. With an easy to use CMS and thousands of ready to configure plugins, the user friendliness of WordPress has now stands unmatched. One of the several plugins that are now being used by developers and individuals in the WordPress community is ‘Under Construction’. So if one is looking for the fastest & simplest Under Construction Page plugin, it is finally here.

The Excellence in Distinctive Form

It is a plugin that comes in both free and premium versions, helping users in designing landing pages, under construction page and maintenance mode page. There are certain factors that determine whether or not a plugin is good for the users. These factors include simplicity, speed, efficiency, user friendliness and variety. UCP or the Under Construction Plugin fairs well on all the criteria, providing even the technical novices a chance to make their own under maintenance or landing page within a few minutes. The plugin is undoubtedly easy to use and offers some great designs from which the user can choose as well as customize the present design as per his needs. In short, it is a no nonsense maintenance mode and coming soon WordPress plugin that allows anyone to put a good looking design with just a few clicks.

A PRO Version Awaits!

The plugin boasts of a PRO version which offers the users a plethora of different designs to choose from, apart from several new added features and functionalities. Not totally a freeware out there, the features and paid functionalities do add a significant charm to this plugin. The developers have left no room for any mistake or necessity being missed out. With added features for customization and great looking 25 themes, UCP is now changing the game with its high end development customization features. Moreover, it also provides the necessary room for developers to make the tweaks- with the provision to change header, style and CSS codes, the look and feel can be redesigned to suit your requirements.

Some Added Functionalities

The plugin also allows the user to connect and integrate social media channels to keep the visitors updated. The developers have made sure that the plugin is not stacked without improvements. With constant fixes and new releases, it has become one of the most sought after landing page designing plugin. What makes it even better is the system to report or get support. The users do not need to register separately. Simply sending a message through the message board would do and the support will be provided. Its super-easy to use interface and even the instructions is surely the reason why the plugin enjoys a great rating and positive reviews from users all over the world. After all, a brilliant effort to ease it up for people has been rightfully awarded!

Here are some Features:

- beginner-friendly, simple & fast
- new designs 2 times a month
- 130k+ active users, with 10k/month growth
- support for most caching plugins so there's no need to manually purge
- over 1000 five-star reviews
- email support
- optimized for SEO
- various social media icons available
- Google Analytics support
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