Easy Tips to Choose the Best Footwear for Monsoon

The season of tea with hot piping fritters is here. Even though maintaining your style statement may become a bit tricky, this season is all about enjoying the gift of rain. Be it any season, the attire comes together with a trendy pair of footwear. In monsoon season, you not only need something quirky but comfortable and easy to dry as well. The chances of fungal infection and bacterial growth are pretty high in monsoon. Hence, you need rainy shoes that are sturdy and breathable. Here are some easy tips for choosing the best footwear for the monsoon season. 

Try Comfortable Flip-Flops

Flip flops are always in trend. They are comfortable, easy to dry, and sleek. However, be mindful of choosing a pair that is water-resistant and non-slippery to prevent any awkward falls and injuries. You can easily enjoy jumping in the puddles and rain splashes without thinking about ruining your footwear. Moreover, you can wear flip-flops all day long during the rainy season and avoid any fungal infection due to excessive moisture.

Style Your Dress With Strappy Sandals

The best rainy shoes are the stylish outsole design sandals that are inspired by the waves with adjustable straps, you can adjust the sandals to your liking. Moreover, with pull tabs, you can easily take them off without much hassle. One can not wear flip-flops to all kinds of events, but a trendy pair of sandals can work like a charm. Hence, you must have a pair or two in colours and heel size you like for sailing through the rainy season in style.

Look Out For Odour Resistant Rainy Shoes

During the rainy season, one irritating thing is soggy shoes that take an eternity to dry. This results in a foul smell that does not go away until you dry your shoes in bright sunlight, which may not be possible during monsoon season. Hence, always look out for rainy shoes with odour-resistant properties. Such shoes will save you from the embarrassment of stinky feet in front of your colleagues or someone special.

Wear Waterproof Rainy Shoes

The best type of footwear in the rainy season will be a waterproof pair with lightweight. You can wear them on your evening strolls or to save yourself from the chaos of dirt, wet, and heavy rain-soaked shoes. Hence, choose a multi-purpose pair of rainy shoes that are easy to wash as well. You will have your footwear ready to wear within a few hours to wear again without any heaviness.

Track A Travel-Friendly Pair

It can get extremely difficult to travel in the rainy season with multiple pairs of shoes. One of the best travel-friendly rainy shoes is clogs that are breathable, waterproof and lightweight. These buoyant pairs have ventilation pores that make them easy to dry. Hence, choose a travel-friendly pair with all the above attributes, and then you are good to go.


The rainy season brings a soothing scent of wet soil and new life. With so much vibrancy and calm at the same time, how can one stay behind their style game? Hopefully, this brief guide must have helped you pick the best pair of rainy shoes and enjoy the rainy season to your heart’s content.

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