Effective Techniques to Pest Proof Your Outdoor Dinner

Whether you have an outdoor dining area at home or you run a restaurant, you face the same issue. Any meal can be ruined by the arrival of pests which is why you need to take steps to eliminate the pests and create an enjoyable outdoor eating experience.

Talk To the Professionals

This is particularly important if you have a lot of pests in your outdoor dining area. You can click here to find the best near you. The experts will be able to assess if you are already dealing with an infestation and what can be done about it. If you don’t currently have an infestation they will put your mind at rest and give you additional tips regarding how to prevent pests.

It can also help to build a relationship with your local professionals. Then, if you ever have a major issue they will be quick to help.

Check Your Waste

Pests, particularly flies, are attracted to rubbish. To you it’s rubbish to them it’s a meal. That means, they will be drawn to wherever you keep the rubbish.

Make sure that, if you need to keep the bins outside, this isn’t anywhere near where people enjoy their dinner outside. Instead, locate them as far from the dining area as possible. Or, ideally, you should keep the bins in a dedicated structure where pests can’t get to them.

Keep It Clean

There is no point in keeping the bins in the right place if your outside table or tables are dirty. Food waste left on tables will attract flies and other pests. This will allow them to feed and leave bacteria which can cause health issues.

The best way to avoid this is to remove leftover food straightaway and clean up any spills instantly. If you’re running a restaurant and explain to customers why this is important, they won’t mind.

Check For Water

All pests need water but mosquitoes are particularly keen on standing water, they need it to lay their eggs. Therefore, if you have humans and standing water you are likely to see some mosquitoes.

Regularly check the dining area to ensure there are no pockets of standing water, it will reduce the likelihood of pests arriving.

Balance the Lights

If you’re eating outside you’ll want some light to see your food and even the company. However, some pests, such as flies, are attracted to light. That means, having the outside light on will make pests more likely.

It’s best to use sodium vapour lighting to reduce the appeal and top position them facing away from the dining area. It creates the light diners need while keeping the pests at arm’s length.

Use Fans

Most flying pests especially flies and mosquitoes, find it difficult to fly in strong winds. They are too small and get blown around. To take advantage of this you can position fans around the eating area or in the area above head height. It will persuade most pests to stay away.

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