Electric Cars in 2024 – What to Expect Going into the New Year

It’s an extremely exciting year ahead of us in the world of electric cars and we have seen an increased amount of people looking for a tesla lease over the past year. There are so many vehicles that are tipped to be released in 2024 that it will be a very exciting time to consider purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle. With other promises by manufacturers to invest further in electric vehicle technology (such as battery power and charge distance) it will be very interesting to see how 2024 develops in terms of the development of electric cars around the world.

Governments are also looking to increase the effectiveness of electric vehicle infrastructures such as installing a better charging point system (which is currently limited in a lot of countries such as the UK.) Should demand increase for electric vehicles – it will be highly important that the charge point infrastructure is there to support the growth. So read on to find out what to expect going into 2024 from the electric car market as well as some musings on what other changes we may expect to see in the New Year & beyond.

An Extensive Range of Electric Cars are Being Released Throughout the Year

With dozens of cars scheduled to be released this year – it’s an exciting time for those who are looking to purchase their first electric vehicle or make the switch from petrol or diesel vehicles. There are some interesting models to look out for including the Tesla Model Y & BMW iX3 scheduled to be released in Autumn of 2024 as well as Volkswagen ID3 in June, the Mini Electric in March and The Vauxhall Corsa-e in February to name but a few.

In the future, there are also some exciting contenders to look out for. You’ve probably heard of the Tesla Cybertruck (although probably through the recent launch event which made the Cybertruck trend on Twitter for all the wrong reasons) but there’s other exciting vehicles that are on the way including the Polestar 2, Audi e-Tron & BMW i4.

Developments to Support the Growth of the Electric Vehicle Market

Growth of the Electric Vehicle Market

Now that there have been a fair few years in which the electric car market has existed and seen an increase in success & popularity – analysts are starting to analyse what is needed for the market to grow at a faster rate and compete with the petrol and diesel market. One of the main forces that is holding back the electric car market is Range Anxiety. This is the phenomena in which motorists are put off purchasing a fully electric vehicle because of the fact that they will become stranded on the road should their electric vehicle run out of charge. This was fueled at the start of the first electric vehicles being released as the range of the cars was fairly limited. Tesla lead the way in terms of vehicles with the furthest miles per charge currently on the market (the Model 3 & X hit 375 miles and 348 miles.)

Difficulties in having charging points provided are also an issue that is affecting the development of the market. There are schemes such as the UK Government’s scheme to facilitate the installation of charging points at your home however the infrastructure is lacklustre for a total electric takeover. This will be key in terms of further developments in the electric car market as petrol and diesel cars are still more appealing as the petrol or diesel infrastructure is already firmly in place.

It will be extremely interesting to see what 2024 will have in store in terms of the electric vehicle market. If you are thinking about investing in an electric car or looking to make the switch – 2024 may be your year!

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