6 Physical & Health Benefits of Taking on an Escape Room

Escape rooms are an immersive experience that encourages teamwork between friends and families, while finding clues and solving puzzles to complete objectives.Enjoyed by people from all walks of life and ages, the escape room experience provides players with a cognitive gaming experience like no other.

If you’re looking for an activity that’s both healthy and physically fun, escape rooms are a great way to test your fitness levels. These are 6 of the most important physical & health benefits of taking on an escape room.

Increases Memory Capacity and Ability

As you get older your memory can get rusty and be tested in a number of different ways. Escape room puzzles and challenges can be a superb way to use your brain muscles and boost your memory retention. The in-game interaction with codes, symbols and languages requires you to focus on retaining information to recall it later in the game, which tests your memory recall to its limits. Most escape rooms will confront you with a series of mental puzzles that are in some way connected. Remembering all of the different puzzles while trying to get out can help make your memory stronger than it already is. Using your memory capacity in a practical way like this is the best way to keep it sharp.

Learn Something New

Escape rooms can be a truly interactive learning experience like no other. As you’re immersed into a physically tangible environment, you’re encouraged to physically interact with the puzzles within your escape room. These puzzles can be a great learning tool to explore and discover unique information and facts you would never have encountered otherwise.

Creates Unique Memories

Completing your escape room can be an enormously rewarding experience. Having had to go against all odds with your team and come out on top, the escape room experience can be a memorable achievement that you can take with you when it’s done. Escape rooms in Brunswick can be an unforgettable time with some of your favourite people.

Increases Communication and Social Skills

Humans are instinctively wired to socialise and communicate, and when placed in a high-pressure situation you naturally communicate with those around you to get past certain challenges and puzzles. Once you and your team are placed into another world, communication is essential to escaping your room. While being completely immersed,your inner urge to discuss solutions with your team is revitalised.

Increases Levels of Happiness and Satisfaction

Escape rooms can develop a sense of achievement among you and your teammates when you successfully complete challenges. Besides being a highly joyful and fun activity that can get your blood flowing, completing an escape room can be filled with team camaraderie and feelings of triumph that can boost morale and stay in your mind for days, weeks and months.

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Also known as hand-eye coordination or spatial awareness, puzzles are a fantastic way to help support the development of Fine Motor Skills. Through your awareness of the world around you, 3D puzzles challenge you to take on unique tasks that can test your ability to measure distances. Physical puzzles require players to interact with tact and guile, in a way that few other social activities do.

Escape rooms have numerous health benefits to you when taking them on. Not only can a test for your mind, escape room puzzles be a physically demanding activity that requires you to test your fitness levels. Get your blood pumping and your heartbeat racing at your nearest escape room to reduce stress levels and avoid further health problems in the future.

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