eSports – How to Start?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to win the neat League of Legends Championship trophy? Imagine yourself in the spotlight playing in front of hundreds of people, crushing your opponents. If all that has been your dream, then it’s time to start taking part in competitions.

But eSports championships are not like gaming where you play solo. To enter the big tournaments, you need to be part of a team. Or even better: put together your team. Don’t know where to start? It’s easier than you think. In this article, we’re gonna go through everything you need to know about how eSports works. We’ll cover how to get started, build your team, get sponsorships, and enter the big events. Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

Amateur Beginnings

One of the best ways to kick-start your gaming career is to compete in amateur tournaments. You can begin with single-player games like Starcraft or Street Fighter and join tournaments happening in your country. The best part is that you can even win money in these competitions. The prizes are usually not higher than $450, though.

To take part in some of the best eSports games in 2020 for teams (Call of Duty, Counter-Strike), you need to put together a squad. Of course, you can also join an existing crew, searching for new members, but it’s more fun to form your dream team.

Build the Team Locally First

It may seem like a good idea to get the best players from all around the world. After all, the strongest players get the best results in tournaments, and that’s all that matters, right? Not necessarily. You see, it’s also important to keep your initial costs low as the players are getting better.

Just think of the expenses of getting all the players together for an event. The plane tickets and hotel rooms are pricey even when you get good discounts. And guess what? There won’t be only one event that needs the presence of your whole team. To improve fast, it’s important to compete a lot.

Take Part in Every Possible eSports Competition

To be honest, it’s not good enough to simply be part of every local eSports event. You need to start winning—a lot. Look for competitions in your area and take part in all of them. That’s right. If you want to build a solid track record, you can’t focus solely on the main competitions. But what if there are no physical tournaments in your area on some weekends? Don’t worry. Many eSPorts organizations are also holding online events. Take part in those. Regular competitive gaming is crucial for every team member to develop their skills. The cool part is that even the most random online tournaments can have some money for the prizes.

And let’s not forget: winning one competition after another can bring you the attention of possible sponsors.

Start With Local Sponsors

Let us say this straight: it’s not easy to find sponsors. Even if someone is looking for a team to invest in, they probably have better choices than your squad. But your chances to land a sponsorship deal are much better if you’ve built your crew up locally. Why is this so? It’s simple. Local companies are much more likely to be interested in getting their logos on your jerseys if they see that you’re active in local competitions. Because local areas are where their potential clients are coming from.

And if you have a team taking part in competitions and backed by some investors, it’s time to go pro.

Competing in Big Pro eSports Tournaments

After success at amateur tournaments, you can start looking for the big events. In most cases, your team is required to participate in smaller competitions first to qualify. But it’ll all be worth it. The prize pool will be much bigger in these competitions. It’s usually starting from $1,000 and can go up to millions in tournaments like The International. Just imagine winning a million dollars for your team. We’re sure that would be enough to fully commit yourself for a career in gaming.

Let’s look at some thoughts on what it takes to be a successful pro gamer.

How to Build Your Career as an eSports Pro

To become a professional in any field, you need to network. Knowing people on various eSports jobs and communicating with other players can take your career on a new level. They can become a new skilled member of your team or help you develop the best strategies to advance.


Ready to make eSports history? The steps to success are simple. Keep playing, put together a team, find sponsors, and start aiming at getting to the big tournaments. Don’t be discouraged when everything doesn’t work out right away. Remember: it takes determination to get to the pro league. So take the next step and start putting together a team.

What did you think of our guide to getting started in the eSports industry? Did we give you enough encouragement to put together your team? Leave comments below, and we’d love to hear about your steps towards becoming a pro gamer.

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