A Fascinating Story About A Woman’s Start-Up

Angels Music Academy – Set up in April 2016, Angel Music Academy endeavors dedicatedly to offer aspiring musicians best in class and advanced music courses. The music academy in a brief time frame have turned into a leading music school in Jaipur and in thus takes responsibility in training budding musicians, arrangers, sound designers and DJ’s.

The founder of Angel’s Music Academy, Shaiphali Saxena is a young business visionary who from an early age is dedicatedly active in the field of music training. Having graduated in music from Trinity college London, she enrolled for Sound designing and western vocals from A.R. Rahman’s Foundation, KMMC. She is also the first Apple sound engineer (female) from India.

Angel's Music Academy

So, Shaiphali motivates to influence Angel’s Music Academy to become a first rate music establishment in the whole of India and she aspires to give the best and most amazing background of learning music through her foundation.

Angels Music Academy is not only an organization that give learning in playing guitar, piano, singing, music recording, music recording, melodic show voice, tune composing and sound designing but dream of young entrepreneur as well. Her dream is to help students who are willing to learn music to make a career in it can get immense measure of exposure at the organization.

Music education can help start a person’s creative energy or ignite a lifetime of enthusiasm. Music training ought not to be a benefit for a fortunate few; it ought to be a piece of each aspiring artist’s universe of plausibility. Music is about communication, inventiveness and collaboration.

By studying music in Angel School of Music, aspiring musicians and students can have the chance to expand on these aptitudes, improve their lives and experience the world from another viewpoint. Essentially, students can come here to develop new skills in music and hone the existing ones. The institute guides budding performers and musicians to progress in right direction and make possibly better choices by excelling in a technique or professional of their desire.

Aspiring performers and music craftsman expecting to make a profession in the field of music, Angels Music Academy is a perfect stage for them. Music students hoping to transform their enthusiasm for music into an appealing profession can depend upon guidance extended by the academy to progress towards a profitable direction.

To transform the enthusiasm of students into an alluring career, we have come up with contemporary courses, for example, sound engineering and music production.

Being a leading music facility in Jaipur, we render the facility of learning differed types of music by expanding preparation on courses that are progressive and in great demand. What influences us to emerge among our associates is that we have at our disposal world class teaching staff that takes pride in not just teaching music, rather enable students to create skills and passion for learning.

Our music courses are planned in sync with advanced requirements in the field of music and teach students the subtleties of music not just on hypothetical basis rather help them to develop practical experience and aptitude.

Angels Music Academy is presently appraised as a first rate music establishment in Jaipur and is favored by students originating from various parts of the city. Such has been the effect of Angels School of Music in Jaipur in getting assisting students in the field music, that it has achieved a gigantic prominence in a short period of time.

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