Features and Advantages of Solid State Drive VPS Hosting

SSD drives also known as Solid State Drives have been used a lot more with computers and servers. For new business owners who want to host their website, may not give too much importance, but if you are looking for scalability and adaptability, you may want to know the kind of drives that are being used. This is important especially for fast loading of the page and even better-enhanced browsing experience. SSD is almost 100 times faster than HDD and takes approximately 22 seconds to boot an OS.

Why SSD?

SSD drives can play a significant role in speeding up the access time of websites, e-commerce applications, and even databases. Most people have this question as to what does a VPS do? How to select the correct hosting solutions? Every business owner knows that if the information that the customer is looking for not readily available, they may move to a rival business which is not a good news for any business. SSD drives can help speed up your website. When compared to the traditional web hosting SSD offers better performance, power and even low access time. With so many benefits more and more companies have been moving to SSD VPS hosting, rather than the traditional web hosting using the SATA HDD.

SSD are made by mounting NAND flash on circuit boards. It is non-volatile in nature hence NAND circuit are sought after. It can also be reprogrammed and comes with an electric eraser. In the traditional HDD drives, the mechanical components leverage magnetized platters. This platter rotates for writing data. It requires a longer time to read and write data and also generates a lot more heat. With SSD the risk of mechanical failure is very low.

Attributes of SSD

If you are the owner of a small startup, hosting your company website is always a pain point. You can set up a Windows VPS  to host your website or use a Linux VPS for the same. It is believed that SSD or Solid state drives can help with the remote VPS hosting even after the website is up and running. With SSD you can instantly host the website and one does not have to depend on the server location. One can host small websites which need less space and bandwidth or even websites which host large applications and can utilize a lot of space and bandwidth. The upgrading and configuration of websites can a big task with regular web hosting services. With SSD it is easier to scale and manage the websites. Even if your organization grows over time, you can grow your website without much hassle. The upgrade is totally on the business owner. You also get good technical support from a reliable service provider and in some cases, you get even 24/7 support.

Benefits of SSD VPS hosting

Before you ask your service provider about the kind of drive they use, you should also learn about them. The in-depth knowledge will help you when you purchase the services from your service provider. The SSD drives provide better and faster performance and need less power than the HDD drives. SSD`s have a competitive edge and if your service provider is using SSD then you have the potential to enhance the current as well as future applications. Most service providers are still using HDD for their hosting solutions. With SSD you get instant page loading, and better reliability compared to HHDs. This makes it the best choice for application development and is also easy to configure. You also have better choices for scalability and friendly backup options with SSD. These benefits have made it the best choice for supporting web hosting and more and more service providers are moving to SSD to make sure that their customers get the best experience on their website.


As you see SSD or Solid State Drives can provide a high-level performance for your website. It supports faster caching for best website optimization. It provides good speed for page loading and due to SSD, it is faster to read and write data to the disk. With SSD you can also get information at a higher speed which is beneficial for WordPress or Drupal. The upload of data is also fast compared to HDD which is beneficial for e-commerce sites which have higher conversion rates. VPS Hosting with SSD may be expensive compared to traditional hosting with HDD, however, it is worth the price, especially for those who value the quality of the content hosting.

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