Moving to a new town or city is always an exciting adventure. You will be able to explore and get to know a whole new place, finding new favorite spots and meeting plenty of new people. All of that will come in time, but there are some things you will want to figure out fairly quickly.

One thing you may want to acquaint yourself with is where the nearest post office is for you. Whether you receive packages on a regular basis, mail a lot of items, or just have the occasional need for posting things in person, it’s helpful to figure out where you will need to go. Not only that, but when you’re new in town it can be nice to stay in touch with friends and family from your old town/city.

Here’s how to ensure you find the post office quickly and easily.

Make Use of Online Tools

Just about everyone has access to the internet these days, whether through your smart phone or tablet, or on your computer. You can put these devices to use by using a post office location tool such as Intelius. What this tool does is save you from having to drive around in person to find the nearest post office, or try to locate a phone book – which no-one seems to have anymore.

How Intelius Works

The way Intelius works is that you visit the website and then enter in your new city/town, the state, and the zip code. From there, it will conduct an instant search and then provide you with the nearest location. And because you are new in town, you’ll also appreciate the fact that the locations are all plotted on a map to give you an idea of which is closest and/or most convenient to get to.

The site is able to give you a list of up to 10 USPS locations, which is a fair number to choose from. You can also check out each location’s hours and whether or not it’s open right then.

Use it On the Go

This can also be a helpful tool for those who work on the road to use. Perhaps you travel all over the country for work and you need to be able to mail items from different cities. Obviously, it will be impossible to know where all the different post offices are located, so you can use this online tool in each city. The maps will be even more helpful since there’s a good chance you won’t be familiar with your surroundings.

Not Just for Personal Use

And it’s not even just for personal use. This tool is being used by government, school, and library employees, all of which need to be able to mail things on a regular basis. That just goes to show how powerful and useful the tool is.

Making it Easier for You to Settle In

It’s exactly tools like this that make it easier for people to settle into a new town or city, and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

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