Five Digital Marketing Trends That will Change Your Business in 2021

Digital marketing is growing as robustly as it has ever grown for the past decade, and these five trends in 2021 are proof enough of this What’s evident is that these trends provide tell-tale signs of where the field is headed in the future. That being said, you should certainly invest time in learning more about them if you an to make the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

Artificial Intelligence

With the advent of Sid up to the incorporation of AI in Google, it’s apparent that artificial intelligence is here to stay. Most experts even predict that its inclusion into digital marketing is already bound to happen. AI, after all, operates optimally and can give a plethora of benefits as long as it has right data collected. With the growing importance of data analytics in digital marketing, artificial intelligence is bound to be a perfect fit for it.

Better personalization for customers and easing up decision-making for business owners are but some of the obvious advantages you can gain from artificial intelligence. Also, Co you want better and faster payment processes as well as stronger security in transactions? Practically all of these benefits can be reaped with the proper implementation of AI.

Of course, artificial intelligence also encompasses search engine optimization, which is seeing an unprecedented development heralded by innovations such as semantic search and voice search. Google is only bound to become even better and sophisticated by being given the ability to learn by itself (thanks to revolutionary developments such as RankBrain).

Live Video

Streaming videos live allows brands to do a step that is vital for any marketing strategy’s success, connecting with their audience. It is always a step ahead of simply showing or exhibiting to potential buyers what they can get, for it allows you to communicate with them directly. Another perk of this, of course, is that there’s no limit to the number of people that you can do these presentations and talks to Not to mention that it’s also more cost-effective than planning productions.

In the end, the rise in usage of live video streaming for marketers highlights the fundamental need for the latter to connect with customers on a global scale. Whether this platform will change and develop over time is not a question of viability but more a question of when it will be implemented. This is because the benefits it provides are nothing short of necessary for any marketer to succeed in the age of online marketing.

Voice Search

Being able to search using only your voice has obvious advantages that weren’t possible. You can only imagine the amount of time you can save by relying on voice search, instead of having to type it using a keyboard. Google is proactively developing this technology, and for good reason, for it greatly assists them in forwarding their ultimate goal of making online search that much easier for users.

As for how this is going to impact digital marketing, a lot of it hinges on the SeO aspect of it Semantic search is being considered as the new face of online search as a whole. This isn’t at all a surprise as it is practically the best way for online search to make giant leaps forward, especially if we’re to consider how semantic search seamlessly combines with voice search. These two aspects, in turn, fully complements AI, setting Google up and securing its undoubted ascent to newer heights.

What age group will utilize voice search more? How will it affect local search engine optimization? Will you need to tweak your search engine optimization strategy for voice search? These are but some questions you should find answers to as a digital marketer.


Gone are the days when celebrities are the only options for companies to raise brand awareness with the advent of micro-influencers. That this has become a trend is not at all a surprise since digital advertising is undergoing massive shifts. These are proven by the fact that Internet advertising, based on forecasting, will finally overtake television advertising in 2021

Such is the power of micro-influencers that they have since become the more favorable option over social media marketing too. Micro-influencers are basically people who have built a significant following, to the point that they are now able to influence the buying decisions of their followers. What makes micro-influencers such a viable option is that they are comparatively more cost-friendly.

A lot of micro-influencers work in specific niches as well, so you are guaranteed to find one that works within yours. With this level of specificity when it comes to niches, micro-influencers are able to offer versatile and myriad options, allowing you to analyze the ones that would work best with your current marketing strategy. In fact, a micro-influencer’s advertising value hinges not on the number of followers that they have but on their name. They prioritize developing the trust of their audience rather than the number of people that follow them. If a micro-influencer doesn’t believe in your brand, there’s a great chance that he will turn down your offer of promoting it This, without a doubt, is a vital necessity for any business to earn high-quality and loyal customers.

Mobile Will Become even More Important

Mobile devices were invented for the sole reason why technology is highly valued, convenience. This is why it’s no longer a surprise that the significance and importance of mobile would only ever increase in the future. Technically all of the trends said above cater to mobile users, and it also wouldn’t be far fetched to say that they were conceived due to the benefits that they’ll bring to smartphone users.

Practically everything that most people would need to do in every aspect of their personal and professional lives are influenced by mobile technology. This fact alone underscores just why mobile marketing will only ever become more crucial for digital marketers in the years to come. Obviously, you should also begin to pay more attention to mobile seo trends. One way or another, it will only evolve with the passage of time, and marketers should always be aware of and capitalize on the trends that will arise as it does so.

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