Five Top Pain Relief Tips for Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis can be a frustrating thing from which to suffer. The pain is not always constant, but it can be debilitating and life-changing. Finding ways in which to ease the pain in some way is important, so continue reading for our top five tips.

  1. Lose a little weight

People tend to harp on about the importance of being fit and healthy. It can drive you mad hearing about calories and body fat. However, it is true that excess weight can increase the impact of pain associated with arthritis. Losing a little weight reduces the stress on your joints. Improved mobility has many benefits. Sit down with your family and discuss how they can help. Writing meal plans is a useful thing to do. This will help you to avoid ringing for a takeout when you are unsure what to prepare. You don’t have to banish everything from your everyday life. Treats can be good for your mental wellbeing, but just limit them.

  1. Exercise more

It may feel like exercise is the last thing you want to do when you are experiencing pain. Indeed, if you have high levels of pain, avoid anything energetic, but it is still best to keep your body moving as much as possible. Although you want to retain your mobility by walking, try to limit the amount of weight bearing activity you undertake, such as brisk walking, tennis, high energy aerobics and running. Instead, opt for water activities such as swimming and aqua aerobics. The water means that the impact on your joints will be less. The endorphins at the end will be the same though and you will feel great for having done something.

  1. Try alternative pain relief

Many arthritis sufferers feel that the drugs prescribed by their doctor are not effective. Some people swear by homeopathic remedies. Whereas others turn to CBD oil, though it can be challenging finding the best one available. For help discovering what is on the market, read more over at Rave Reviews. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology are popular for pain relief too. There will be no harm done trying these things.

  1. Meditate

Some people’s minds jump to Buddhist monks and hippy retreats when they hear the word meditate. There is so much more to it than just those things. Meditation is about becoming more aware of your body and emotions. Mindfulness is a popular type and seems to be a buzz word right now. Although many people are skeptical before trying it, especially for physical pain rather than mental health, meditation does seem to have many people raving about it and its healing qualities.

  1. Massage

We all know the relief that can be felt from having a massage. Arthritis sufferers can feel the benefits too. Book yourself in for a regular slot at your local parlor but be sure to check that they have experience dealing with clients who have arthritis. This will ensure that they apply a specific amount of pressure and also pay attention to certain areas, avoiding others.

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