How to Stay Hydrated this Summer

Staying hydrated throughout the summer months is incredibly important, especially when there is a heatwave or if you are planning to spend more time exercising in the sun or being outdoors with your friends and family. Being adequately hydrated helps your body operate at its best and ensures that you can avoid the alarming symptoms of dehydration, such as feeling dizzy or nauseous. Here are some of the top ways that you can make hydration part of your routine.

· Head to IV Therapy

If you are extremely dehydrated and it’s having a negative effect on you, such as drying out your skin or leaving you feeling ill, you should consider heading to IV therapy for speedy help with your hydration problems. What’s more, if you contract an illness that leaves you feeling under the weather, IV therapy, such as that offered by Reset IV’s flu recovery Los Angeles, can be the best way to rejuvenate your body, help you recover from your touch of the flue, and allow you to feel as good as new afterward.

· Change Your Diet

What you eat can have a huge influence on your hydration levels, and there are many foods that can even help you to avoid dehydration throughout the summer. If you hate drinking water, you should consider increasing your fruit and veg intake, as these foods have high percentages of water within them. Think watermelon, cucumber, celery, and tomato – or make a smoothie out of your favorite fruits and vegetables.You could also consider adding foods that have a high water content, such as soup and chicken.

·  Use a Water Tracking App

Are you worried about how much water you are drinking, and do you want to find a way to stick to your hydration goals? To make sure that you stay on top of whether or not you’re drinking enough water, you should consider downloading a water tracking application, which can allow you to see how much water you are drinking and encourage you to consume more if you find that you are below your target.

· Change Your Drinking Habits

However, your drinking habits could be stopping you from remaining hydrated. To ensure that you consume enough water, you should consider carrying a water bottle around with you at all times, drinking when you feel hungry, drinking before and after you exercise, and trying to create a hydration routine, rather than only consuming water when you are thirsty.

· Consider Water Alternatives

Disliking the taste of water is no excuse for becoming dehydrated. There are many alternatives to water that you could consider, such as flavored water, fruit juices and squash, and milk. You could also try to make your water taste better by adding lime, lemons, and other fruit to give it an interesting taste.

Staying hydrated is paramount to the proper functioning of your body during the summer months, especially if you are losing fluids through sweat in warmer weather. Use this guideto feel good and stay hydrated no matter what the temperature is outside.

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