Five Ways to Perk Up a Pale Winter Complexion Fast

The wintertime brings with it many benefits, including the opportunity to snuggle by the fire, play in the snow, and sip hot chocolate to your heart’s desire. Yet, when those temperatures begin to drop, that’s also a sign that your complexion might suddenly need a little extra TLC. Let’s take a look at five ways you can restore your skin to that summertime sheen you’re used to.

1. Resist the urge to grab that bronzer. Yes, it will make you look more tan instantly, but chances are that summer bronzer that looks so great and shimmery in the heat of July will look totally out of place in the dead of January. If it’s a powdered bronzer, it could also accentuate any dryness or flakiness that you have going on, and that’s definitely not a look you want. Experts reveal that sudden onset of dryness you’re battling is actually attributed less to the cold weather, and more to the decreased humidity prevalent this time of year. Either way, we might love the rosy glow that the cold can give us, but we definitely don’t love looking like Casper the ghost on most days! 

To get that silky look you’re going for, try mixing just a drop or two of tinted moisturizer into your daily foundation. Opt for one that’s about a shade darker than your normal complexion. The moisturizer will help soothe any dry patches and inject just the right amount of color.

2. Nix the shimmer. If you’re working with a pale and somewhat pasty complexion, it might seem like a great idea to layer up on the shimmery products to add that much sought-after glow. Yet again, this can look totally unnatural (especially under fluorescent lighting). Use a foundation that doesn’t include a shimmer component, and if you do decide on a winter-friendly bronzer, make sure it’s matte as well. Sweep a little onto your temples and underneath your cheekbones for that “I just ran five miles” glow.

3. Embrace cream blush. You could reach for your favorite powdered blush when you’re in a pinch, but you might run into the same issue of it highlighting any dryness you’re battling during the winter. Instead, consider making a seasonal switch to a cream version of your favorite shade. These products are designed to sink into your skin and help hydrate it while also providing that perfect pop of color, so you always looked gorgeously flushed, but never flustered.

4. Switch to a lighter makeup palette. In the wintertime, we tend to gravitate toward makeup that’s a little on the darker side. Think of all the plum-tinted lipsticks, deep red blushes, and dark taupe eyeshadows we’re so used to seeing during this time of year. While those colors might look great against your winter wardrobe, they’re likely weighing your face down just a little and could be drawing even more attention to your pale complexion. It might sound counterintuitive, but warm neutrals are your best bet during this time of year. Don’t go for the frosty pastels, but a soft pink blush, natural pink lip, and light tan eyeshadow will look great.

5. Highlight away! A highlighter is arguably the best product to have in your wintertime makeup bag. Designed to add just the right amount of sparkle and shimmer to your look, it’s best used in small quantities (remember the note about shimmer overload), but when applied strategically, it offers just the right amount of glow. Highlighters come in many different forms, though wands are usually the easiest to use. Simply swipe a little along your browbone and on the top of your cheekbones and watch your complexion transform.

Taking warm baths using heaters found on tankless. Reviews can also help you maintain beautiful skin during winter. Plus it will make you feel relaxed and less cold, too!

While this list isn’t exhaustive, these little tips and tricks can go a long way in getting you through these long winter months that can really do a number on your look. Before you know it, temperatures will be rising and spring will be on the horizon. Until then, you don’t have to settle for looking like a ghost. Try these easy makeup tricks and feel summer-ready in no time!

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