5 Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards

If you’re looking for an efficient technique to stretch your budget and get a better value for your money, then getting free gift cards is the best way to go. Gift cards can be beneficial and make our shopping habits a bit easier on the wallet. However, you may not know where to get them and what you need to do to win them. Trust us when we say, they are easier to get than you think. With these gift cards, you, or the person receiving the card, can choose whatever you may want to buy or have many options to choose from at the least. The cost of having these gift cards delivered to someone’s house is much less than the cost of sending gift packages. If you’re getting a gift for someone, then you’re paying for not one but two things; the gift and the price of getting it delivered. When you think of it, comparatively sending a gift card is a lot more convenient than buying a gift. And you, or the one receiving the card, can get more for your money by purchasing products with these gift cards during the best selling hours or the holiday season. There are too many perks to be written down. So, we’re here to lend you a hand and advise you on how to earn these cards.

Here are five great ways to earn them:

Free Gifts

Cash in social networks:

 Social networks are hot, hot, and hot. You’re bound to find a lot of gift cards for various deals and items in very less time and with minimal effort. Be one of the first to make friends or fans of a company on Facebook or any other social media site, and you could receive a free gift card along with other stuff as well. Participate in Twitter parties or use friend referrals in groups to have even more chances to win. It’s easy and efficient!

Give in your receipts and sign up to receive rewards:

 Pharmacies want your business and are willing to fight for it. They make a lot of efforts to attract a large number of customers too, because it’s good for them in the long run. Check the week after week deals fliers for drug store coupons that can be reclaimed for gift vouchers worth $ (at least 25) when you exchange your prescriptions. With drug stores opening everywhere, you should be able to earn several gift cards each year, just by sharing the recharge wealth.

You can create an account and register in MyPoints:

Earn redeemable points for gift cards by doing activities such as reading emails, answering online surveys, searching the web and shopping through Mypoints.com. There are over 75 gift cards to choose from, and all are delivered to your home with no cost.

You can make an account on Swagbucks:

Swagbucks is a great online rewards program where you can win multiple gift cards when you complete tasks such as answering surveys, printing coupons, shopping and searching the web. Register for such sites and maximize your profit potential. You’d be astounded by how easy it is once the rewards start pooling in.

You can give different Response surveys:

If you register for online reviews and become a regular member, you can convert your opinions into free gift cards by completing online surveys in your free time. This is the easiest way to get gift cards. What’s more is that you’re not just getting gift cards, but you can also reap many other benefits with this technique. For example, you can get a chance to win prizes and discounted offers. So, what are you waiting for?

Gift cards

 Let’s look at it from a business’s perspective as well:

You should also keep in mind that at certain times of the year, such as Christmas, gift cards are an ideal gift and an easy way to attract current and potential customers to your salon. That is why businesses give out so many opportunities to win them.

The most important thing when selling a gift card is to remember that it incorporates a guaranteed visit. The recipient can be a new customer, which allows them to establish a stable relationship with the customer.

It is a simple way to recommend the salon with subtlety, offering your customers an innovative gift idea. Apart from introducing the concept to your customers while they are at the dressing table, they use a promotional poster at the reception desk or in other areas to announce this service and remind them of the clients when they are in the box. So, you should avail every opportunity that comes your way.

Now that you know what to do to win these fantastic gift cards, good luck!

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