Get Rid of Double Chin with the Help of Experts

As many people can be quite sensitive with their body structure, a double chin is one of those parts that can bother you immensely. Most body parts that may have this excess fat can be possible to hide with oversize clothes. However, submental fat appears where you can’t do anything like that. Then, how do you get rid of this condition when exercise doesn’t work?

What causes a double chin problem? 

It is usually associated with excessive weight gain, while some people happen to have more fat cells in this area. And that is normal since various types of body shapes are still beautiful. However, there are genetic causes that there’s nothing you can do to prevent from occurring.


As aging is inevitable, your skin loses elasticity due to the decreasing collagen in your skin, which are the proteins that aid elasticity. When this reduces in the body, it results in saggy skin that causes a double chin formation.

Unhealthy diet

Double chin is most likely to happen to those who are overweight and persons with poor-eating habits. Eating high calories, processed, and unhealthy fats are contributing factors to a double chin.


Anyone having a family history of double chin is prone to getting one. Unfortunately, it is in the genes, and that can be frustrating.


Having a wrong sitting position as you work while seated may result in weak muscles of the neck. If someone continues living like this, it may cause a double chin over time.

How to prevent double chin

Apart from genetic, best practices to avoid getting excess fat in your body is maintaining a healthy diet and keeping active. Before you go for invasive procedures, it’s prudent to start with some chin exercises such as;

Tongue press: The exercise involves looking at the ceiling while pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Then lower your chin towards your chest and avoid surrounding the upper back.

Neckroll: it is an easy exercise that you can perform while sitting upright or standing. Your chin should be parallel to your shoulders as you turn your head downwards and to the sides.

The chin lift: While standing up straight, lift your face while raising your chin towards the ceiling. Try to kiss the sky if you are outside as you pucker your lips upwards. Keep your chin that way for 15 seconds, and repeat the procedure ten times.

Jaw release: whatever position you are in, you can start inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Then move your jaws to mimic chewing.

If good diet and exercise fail to work, and ask for different procedures available for you. Below are some of the suggestions you might come along:

Cosmetic procedure

We have seen many non-surgical cosmetic medical procedures in recent years, such as Kybella and CoolSculpting helping many people get rid of submental fat. That’s some good news for those who have exhausted all means of removing these stubborn pockets of fat. More treatments recognized to be successful and effective in reducing or eliminating the appearance of double chin is as follows:

Kybella; is a non-surgical procedure where Kybella experts use a synthetic form of deoxycholic. It is a natural enzyme occurring in the stomach to break the fat-in the foods we consume. Once a practitioner injects this enzyme into the fat cells, the fat melts down, and over the next 2 to 4 weeks, patients can start to see a svelte chin. A patient will only spend 15 to 20 minutes for this procedure.

CoolSculpting: it is known to be the best non-invasive fat removal treatment so far. CoolSculpting involves killing fat cells using freezing temperatures. A patient may have several treatment sessions for best results. Although it’s not a painful procedure, one may experience some discomfort due to the numbness caused by the cold.

Trusculpt: This is a treatment process that uses radio frequency to melt the submental fat. According to a medical expert, the procedure can reach more layers of the fat cells, and having two to three sessions about four weeks apart can show better results.

Liposculpting: it is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser or suction to remove the fat from the unwanted area like under the chin or stomach. A practitioner may put a patient under local anesthetic during a lipolysis procedure. And although it is an effective procedure that will successfully remove the fat, it does not offer elasticity to the treated area.

Mesotherapy: When you visit an expert will first sit with you and explain what you should expect from this treatment. He will then examine you and proceed with the procedure that involves injecting compounds into the area you want to eliminate the fat cells.

All the cosmetic procedures mentioned here may have minimal side effects such as bruising, redness, mild pain, and more. They may not last for long if you use experts.

Fillers and Botox: These are also non-surgical medical procedures used to enhance the appearance of the jawline. These are not a fat removal treatment; however, they may help reduce the appearance of prominence double chin by defining the jawline’s architecture.

In conclusion, looking at the root cause of a double chin will be the best way to tackle this problem. Whether you will choose Kybella Los Angeles experts, or any other professionals, ensure to get the best.

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