Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL – The Upcoming High-End Smartphones

If you are an Android fan and follow the latest trends, then you should know that Google Pixel smartphone Series is going to add two new high-end members to the series. These new members are none other than Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl. The last launched Google Pixel 2 and XL models are doing okayish in the market. If you don’t know about the Pixel 2 models, well they come at an expensive price and offer all standard and high-end configurations.

Considering the features and reliability of Pixel 2 and XL versions, both offer excellent performance. Even, the design is pretty good, that is why the fingerprint reader is at a perfect location, which is under the camera, is easy to reach. And, the Improved 12-megapixel camera clicks with Bokeh effect. Like the previous models, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also make photos with a resolution of just over 12 megapixels. But this time, Google improved the matrix and offers, among other things, a more luminous F1.8-blend (previously – F2.0). Thanks to the Dual Pixel technology, the camera focuses very quickly. Per the information circulating on the web, Google will be using two camera sensors at the rear panel of the upcoming Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. No doubt, the combination of physical (2-sensors) and the software tweak (that Google is currently using in Pixel 3) will result in something outstanding. Just for saying, if you don’t know, Google Pixel 2 camera is rated better than iPhone X. Yes, you read it right. However, Pixel 2 couldn’t come in the limelight as of iPhone, maybe because of “no innovative display.”

Going further in details for the camera of Pixel 2 the quality of the photos clicked by Pixel 2 is out to be very good, and especially in the twilight lighting, it surpasses that of almost all other smartphones from our respective rating – including the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8. Over Pixel 2 (XL) under poor lighting conditions, a slight advantage has only HTC U11. But have you heard about HTC U11 before, maybe not, as HTC U11 couldn’t enter the limelight, and still many people don’t know about it. Well, if we consider the same case, Google Pixel 2 is not recognized as of iPhone X. However, Google can break, and come out of it. And, we also wish that the next Pixel 3 gets enough limelight it deserves.

Despite the fact that the mobile phone from HTC makes the white surfaces a bit “cool” (that is, with a slight shift to blue), the details are higher. The hair and threads on test “scene” thus have a little more detail. The accuracy measured in the transfer of parts in Pixel 2 (XL) is 85 percent, for HTC U11 this figure reaches an excellent 90 percent. These results indicate how much the blur effect has on the images. Summarizing, we can say that the quality of photos from Pixel 2 (XL) is among the best, but when running under the scenarios, the HTC U11 is slightly inferior. Despite the fact that both Pixel-2 models have only one lens, a portrait mode is available for use, which imposes an artificial Bokeh effect on the background, allowing you to select the object in the foreground. So, apparently Pixel 2 (XL) is ahead in the camera configuration in comparison to iPhone X, S8 and HTC U11.

Google has played an excellent job and has optimized the video recording capability of present Pixel devices. Pixel 2 (& XL) shoots video in Full-HD resolution with 60 frames per second, and while moving, someone can enjoy the smooth records almost without jerks. Clips that are shot under the same conditions on the iPhone 8 or Galaxy Note 8, twitch slightly more and noticeably sway when the smartphone user steps over. Well, you just learnt about the best camera smartphone, and if you could wait more, then Google Pixel 3 can be yours, and it will definitely going to offer better camera experience. Without any doubts, if you are not ready to wait, and you need a smartphone with best camera output, and if you could afford Pixel 2, then you know what’s your choice should be.

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