All About Having a Guinea Pig as a Pet

We all love our pets; don’t we? So taking care of them and focusing on every small requirement that they possess are some of the ways we can return their gesture of the unconditional love they shower on us. Our pets are those little living beings who can’t speak, can’t act like the fellow humans but way more sensitive towards our love and affection than the mere human relationships we possess in our lives.

They shower us with unconditional love, care and affection no matter in what circumstances we are in; it doesn’t change according to our financial capabilities, our distraught moods, our busy loves or anything else. That is why they deserve the same from us as well.

Amongst all other small pets, guinea pigs are those innocent creatures whom every pet owner loves. Here we are going to discuss the guinea pigs as pets; everything from their eating to living habits will be explored below.

The guinea pig habitat

In most cases obviously, the guinea pigs prefer to live in wild; that means in open spaces where they can roam freely. But in case of the pet guinea pigs, they also need some kind of shelter or habitat of their own where they can lie down or rest even if they walk freely all day around the house. That actually is good for them and the owner as well.

Sometimes the cages that are built for them are way too small and so issues like them being inactive or depressed come up. So, when you are building a cage you must keep in mind that the best guinea pig cages are thus built to ensure the pigs can rest there in a better condition and do not get so suffocated that gets down to being depressed.

The guinea pig food habit

It is not that only humans need staple diets to be healthy; every living form needs that for living a healthy life. So, the foods that are healthy for the guinea pigs are

  • Timothy Hay and grass should comprise almost 80 percent of their daily food intake. As they are rodents, the food behavior they have is a bit different than other small pets we have at the house.
  • Going with pellets is the most generous food habit that we can choose for our little bundles of happiness. But the pellets have very high content of calories and thus be supplied in lessened amounts to the guinea pigs; lesser than an ounce is categorized to be a fulfilling amount for a day.
  • Vegetables, fresh herbs, bell pepper, green beans, kale, and celery are some of the various chewable food items that you can keep in abundance for the rodents as they need something to chew throughout the day for their teeth structure.

The guinea pigs have the habits of eating half the amount of food provided to them. Thus the uneaten, or rotten food materials must be removed from their surroundings as much as possible to keep their cleanliness and hygiene up to the mark always.

Guinea pig traits and behavior

The normal guinea pigs are usually larger than the other rodents; they weigh from 700 gms to 1200 gms approximately. The average lifespan of the guinea pigs is 4 to 5 years that can extend up to 8 years in some special breeds. They have a power of remembering complex pathways that lead them towards their food for months. Their motion is also praised as they can jump the small obstacles but they cannot climb well. When they sense any danger, they either freeze themselves at one place for a longer period or run with rapid motions to save themselves. They have a wider eyesight of about 340 degrees and are partially colorblind.

The final take

Nevertheless, we all take care of our pets well but there are few things which must be maintained well and be known to the ones who already possess or want to have possession of a guinea pig as a pet. They are very fragile and sensitive creatures and thus they need regular care and attention from their owners. Take them for grooming sessions once a while, optimize their dietary plans and ensure they have the best guinea pig cages that do not suffocate them!

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