Growing Pains: 9 Health & Beauty Tips to Help Boost Your Confidence as You Age

As we age, our bodies begin to change in all sorts of strange ways. They begin to produce less of the most abundant protein in the body, collagen,leading to sagging wrinkled skin and weakened bones. They also kick start a process called miniaturization—the shrinking and dysfunction of the hair follicles—which leads to hair loss and causes our once-luscious locks to grow thin and slowly if at all. Core anatomical functions, like the performance of your heart, begin to weaken while the eyes and ears don’t work like they once did.

Luckily, there are a few simple things we can do to support our bodies as they age. Follow these 9 health and beauty tips if you want to arm your body with the tools it requires to thrive at any age.

  1. Adopt an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine –Naturally, one of the best ways to halt the visual signs of skin aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity, is to help reinvigorate the production of collagen. This can be achieved with a rigorous skincare routine featuring products containing proven anti-aging ingredients,especially retinol (a vitamin A compound and antioxidant), vitamin C, and hydroxy acids. Select a routine that you’ll actually follow and be diligent about applying sunscreen daily. 
  1. Treat Thinning Hair and Baldness–One of the biggest blows to your self-esteem as you age occurs in your scalp. The miniaturization process leads to dormant, under active hair follicles, so your hair thins or ceases to grow altogether. The key to treating and preventing hair loss is to give the follicles the support and nutrition needed for them to regrow thick, healthy hair in a totally natural way. This can be done via low-level laser therapy at home and by following a healthy diet and using high-quality hair care products. 
  1. Drink More Water –The formula is simple: more water minus alcohol and sugary drinks equals better health. Getting your recommended daily intake of H2O is one of the easiest things you can do to systemically support the body from head to toe. Dehydration can speed along those stubborn signs of aging and rob you of your energy, making you feel less like the young,lively person you once were. 
  1. Get Your Beauty Rest –Like water, sleep is inextricably linked to all of our body’s foundational systems. From the brain—which relies on sleep to help you feel happy, energetic, and productive—to the immune system, a good night’s rest offers head-to-toe support. Lack of sleep, insomnia,and other sleep disorders have been linked to obesity, depression,and anxiety, so it’s simply not something you can afford to skip if your goal is to look and feel good as you grow older. 
  1. Learn to Manicure Your Nails at Home –If you’re looking for a simple way to feel pretty and clean every day, consider spending some time manicuring your nails. Well-manicured fingernails, especially those done in bright fun colors, can make you feel put-together and youthful. Consider learning new nail techniques that you can master at home like acrylic dip powder or gel manicures for a salon-like look without the salon-like price. Not big on flashy beauty trends? Clipping your nails, pushing back your cuticles, and ensuring that nails are clean and properly shaped will help you feel attractive and confident at any age. 

Manicure Your Nails

  1. Adopt a Heart-Healthy Diet –Aging skin, bones, and hair are a challenge, but aging organs can be deadly. In order to protect your heart from slowing down or aging too fast, you’ll want to adopt a heart-healthy diet that helps reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. As you probably know, your risk for heart attack and stroke only grows and grows as you age, with the majority of people dying of coronary heart disease being 65 or older. Follow the American Heart Association’s Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations as the foundation of your heart-healthy diet. 
  1. Go on Vacation –No medicine compares to a little sun and a lot of relaxation. The key here is to book a trip that’s centered around stress relief—a low key trip to the beach or a spa resort are great options. As you may know, stress leads to premature aging on almost every front, from speeding up the development of fine lines and wrinkles to negatively affecting blood pressure, heart disease, and mental health. If you can’t go on vacation, book a massage or develop a self-care routine that involves a short period of time to relax or meditate each day. 
  1. Exercise Every Day – We probably don’t need to tell you that exercise is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle for older adults. Getting out for a walk, a jog, or a swim can help you exercise your heart and lungs while simultaneously strengthening bones, muscles,and Exercise will also help you maintain or improve your figure, which will inadvertently improve your self-confidence. 
  1. Do Things That Make You Happy–At the end of the day, you can have the healthiest diet and lifestyle possible, but, if you don’t enjoy your life, you won’t feel happy and youthful. Make sure to pursue hobbies and activities that you enjoy and be sure to build or maintain a strong social circle that you can rely on. If you don’t already have an established family or friend group, consider joining a club or volunteering in order to interact with others and enjoy the chemical rush of good, old-fashioned friendship. 

 friend group

Until someone discovers the Fountain of Youth, there’s no way to stop aging. The best we can do is to give our bodies and minds the tools they need to feel young. After all, age is just a number, as cliché as it sounds, and it’s all about how you feel, not how many birthdays you’ve had. So get out there and enjoy it!

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