Top 10 Tips for Choosing Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking acts as a social lubricant in many situations, be it our dinner dates or some official dinner with a client. Partaking alcohol has seeped into our everyday lives, with 86.3% of people reporting to have to drink at least once. With potential health benefits and also huge health hazard risk, it is essential to strike a balance between moderation and healthy drinking.

Here are ten tips that can help you choose healthy drinking options.

1. Go for a glass of red wine

Red wine has a potential association with many health benefits, all thanks to resveratrol present in the wine, that reduces the bad cholesterol in the body. Wine, loaded with antioxidants and drinking in moderation, can help one with better gut health. On a drinking night out, wine is appropriate not only for its several folds benefits but also because it is a perfect pair for your dinner, as it helps in the better synthesis of protein. Not to forget the fruity flavors and rich aroma of wine has made it a favorite for many.

Go for a glass of red wine

2. Single malt whiskey

The old school classics are a better choice when it comes to the overall health score from alcoholic drinks. Not served with any extra-sugary syrup, cuts down the calories from your drink. Unlike cocktails, you can gauze the exact amount of alcohol in your system when it is coming from a single source in a drink. Partaking a good quality single malt whiskey can help you benefit with the right quantity of antioxidants known as ellagic acid. On the one hand, antioxidants can help you fight early signs of aging; single malt whiskey can also lower the risk of dementia. However, drinking in moderation is the key to healthy drinking habits.

3. Substitute your mixture with a low-calorie option.

Whenever you pick a mixture for your drink, you can choose something that does not sneak in extra calories. As common mixtures like syrup, artificial flavors, and colas are all caloric dense and can mess with your health goals. Instead, you can go for something like sparkling water or seltzer that can give a dash of frizz and are as low as zero in calories. If you are looking to add a natural flavor, you can infuse some flavored tea or plain lime water in your drink.

4. Count calories in your fancy cocktails.

There is a surge of experimental food in the market, and nonetheless, our drinks are getting some twists too. From dessert drinks to bold flavors, drinking calories is easy as one may drink more for the sake of taste. The deliciousness of your drinks might let you drink more alcohol; then you were pertaining. There is no harm in picking up a drink for the taste factor if you remember to limit the consumption.

5. Replace normal coke with a diet/light version.

Who does not like the classic combination of rum and coke. Likewise, there are several other drink options like Nueva Cuba and LIIT, that do just right with the good old coke. Just by switching to a light version of coke, you can save yourself almost 100-150 calories per drink.

Choose a punch of fresh fruit juice

6. Choose a punch of fresh fruit juice.

You can choose to add fresh-pressed fruit juice to your cocktails than a package version. A squeeze of berries or juicy fruits like watermelon and grapefruit can add a ton of flavor, color, and nutritional value to your drink. You can forget the strainer and ask to keep the pulp of the fruit for a better texture and also some fiber in your drink.

7. Champagne ‘ultra-brut’ makes for a good choice

Champagne is a good choice for a party drink. Primarily made of red and white grapes, it is full of antioxidants that can be beneficial for your heart. To top it all, you can go for an ultra brut version of this drink. Also known as a skinny drink with sugar content fewer than 0.6 percent, the calorie count in this one is far less than any other drink. What’s more? Less number of congeners present in the champagne avoids a hangover the next day.

8. Drink light beer

Beer enthusiasts can call for a healthy choice by picking up a light version of their favorite brand. This low carbohydrate and low-calorie drink can become even healthier in terms of fewer calories and less alcohol content per serve.

9. Get some veggie twist.

You may find it challenging to accommodate the required number of fruit and vegetable servings every day.  Decking up on a single cup of vegetable juice can give you a boost of nutrition. Luckily, you can pair some of your drinks with vegetables to give your drinks a healthy twist.  Apart from the usual bloody mary packed with the goodness of tomato juice, you can also try gin and celery, or bourbon and carrots, for a refreshing flavor to your drinks.

10. Go for infused or flavored drinks.

Who does not crave some extra flavor in their drinks? Adding some flavors to your drink in the form of a mixture also means some extra calories. If you wish to keep mixtures at bay and prefer something simple to pour, you can go for infused or flavored drinks. Comparatively, a simple drink can be easier on your stomach than the one loaded with sugary add ons.

Hydration is the key when it comes to drinking. Health experts recommend a glass of water for every drink. You can calculate the alcohol content of your drinks and plan as to how much you will drink at a particular event. Healthy drinking always begins with moderation.

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