The Honest Truth about Using a Fake ID – Everything You Need to Know

Being young is all about growing up and doing things that you can’t do as a kid. However, this kind of lifestyle implies a series of benefits as well. There are no responsibilities about life. All you need is to do well in school, keep your social life growing and enjoy discovering life. However, being young may also come with some limitations. Age is something that you can’t control, but just let it go up and disclose its secrets as you grow. Fortunately, many of its secrets can be unveiled before time with a proper fake ID – regardless of your reasons.

Fake IDs represent a stage in every teenager’s life. There are so many limitations when you’re under the legal age that you just can’t overlook this opportunity. Besides, let’s face it – forbidden things are always more attractive. All these boundaries can be overcome with good planning. If you think about it, nothing can restrict you. Who made these laws? Who can prevent you from having fun? After all, most teenagers use their siblings’ IDs when they need to overcome limitations. Instead of begging for help all the time, just get your ID and enjoy limitless opportunities.

Now, before diving in and ordering a fake license, make sure you do your homework and know everything about it – from benefits (quite obvious) to potential risks. So, what should you be aware of? 

What’s in with a Fake Identification?

To make a long story short, up to 98% of all people who use fake IDs do it for the same reason – alcohol. Most commonly, bars and clubs are restricted to people aged 21 and over. You don’t necessarily have to be an alcoholic, but just have an occasional drink every once in a while, and chill with some friends. Some underage teenagers may look older than 21, so they’ll have no problem going into a bar. For most of them, things are different, and only a proper fake identification can get them in.

Fake IDs are extremely popular in college students. They’re over 18, and they have had alcohol before, but they want to take this experience further. It’s said that college years are the best of your life, so students want to take advantage of them. Whether they want to go to clubs after finishing exams or they just want to buy alcohol in a liquor store, fake IDs will clear all the problems.

Are Fake IDs Popular?

Not everyone uses a fake ID because many students rely on their siblings’ IDs. However, according to statistics, up to 40% of the student population will use or own a fake driving license at some point. Statistics turn    to foreign students because the legal drinking age in many countries is 18. Plus, many countries don’t even restrict teenagers from entering bars and clubs. Therefore, foreign students are used to this kind of lifestyle, so they certainly don’t want any limitations.

How Can I Get Fake IDs?

Most people who use fake IDs will give a simple answer – from a friend. It’s not the answer you want to hear, but it’s usually true. Plus, no one wants to get their friends in trouble. It feels frustrating for those who need fake IDs, but it’s normal. Eventually, those in need will end up conducting their research and establish some connections. Be careful who you deal with and do your homework upfront. Don’t just fall for the first deal you run into. You want someone who’s reliable and won’t rip you off.

If you think about it, buying a fake ID is not the most legal thing in the world. Therefore, even if you get scammed, you won’t be able to report the seller. This is why researching potential sellers are mandatory. You want a company with good reviews and plenty of history.

Are There Any Risks?

Apparently, a fake driving license or another form of fake identification can be a risk. First, you risk being scammed if you buy from the wrong company. This is the most common risk. Other risks depend on what you need the ID for. If you need it to get some alcohol or join a social event held at a club, you’ll most likely get away with it. The situation is different if you want fake IDs to buy firearms, for example.

In the end, the general idea is pretty simple – fake IDs are popular and don’t imply any risks if you use them for yourself. Having a pint sometimes or going to a club with your friends will not harm anyone.

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