How do You Know If Pipes are Leaking?

Does something bother you about the plumbing infrastructure at your home? Maybe there is visible rusting on the pipes, or perhaps you’re suspicious that the water pipes are leaking.

Whatever the case is, you want to know for sure what the issue is and how to solve it because if left unchecked, water leakages can severely damage your property. Therefore, don’t overlook any signs of water leakage that are hidden in plain sight.

Today, US houses built in the 1970s and 1980s have an outdated plumbing system. Many of them have cast iron pipes, which were the norm in the past. However, today they necessitate replacement. Doing so will liberate you from the issue of damaged pipes.

Here are a few red flags to look out for, which indicate that pipes are leaking at your home:

An Unreasonably High Water Bill

While a slight fluctuation in the water bill isn’t too big of a deal, a massive spike demands your immediate attention. A leaking pipe means wastage of water, and will hence inflate the amount you have to pay every month.

So if you want to relieve your wallet from the extra strain, take action. Monitor the bill and keep a check on your water consumption habits. Additionally, compare bills from the past to the one you received this month.

This exercise will help you see any odd patterns in water usage. Typically the amount you have to pay this month should not vary too much from what you paid last time.

Presence of Mold and Mildew

When left unnoticed for too long, a leaking pipe will create conditions amiable for the growth of mold and mildew. They need moisture and darkness to breed. Since the growth of bacteriasis harmful to health, there is no way you can ignore it.

Did you know that people living in mold-infested homes are 40 percent more likely to have asthma? You wouldn’t want to put your life at risk.

So don’t wait around for the situation to worsen before you do something. As soon as you notice even the slightest development of molds, consider opting for a plumbing solution.

Audible Sound of Running Water

If there is a pipe in the system that is leaking, it is bound to make noise. Once you switch off every faucet and shower, you should not hear any running water. However, if you do, there is a good chance that you are dealing with some form of pipe damage.

Usually, when the sound of running water is highly audible, it means that significant pipe damage is at play. Therefore, it is crucial to call for a plumber’s help to mitigate the issue.

Sagging Ceiling

Regardless of whether you have a drywall or drop tile ceiling, there is no room for it to sag. If it does, then it is indicative of water leaking somewhere near it. The material absorbs the water and loosens up, leading to a bulging ceiling. If neglected, the ceiling may even collapse because of the pressure.

A leaking pipe and a sagging ceiling are not the sorts of things you should take lightly. Trust me; you don’t want to deal with this level of water damage. The disruption it will cause in your home is undesirable.

Wet Patches on Floors and Walls

If a pipe is leaking, there has to be someplace for the water to redirect itself. Often this results in the creation of wet patches on the floor and the walls. It is frustrating to deal with a soggy carpet that has discolored due to exposure to moisture.

Unfortunately, these patches could also stink up the home because of the growth of molds. Such damage suggests that the pipes are severely damaged. Plumbers have the tools and skills to isolate problematic pipes and propose viable solutions. So don’t hesitate to hire a professional company.

Weak Water Pressure

If you feel that the pressure of water in the shower has reduced, it means that somewhere there is a leakage. If your faucet or shower is dispensing small amounts of water, don’t just shrug it away.

It is frustrating to deal with a nuisance like this, which doesn’t allow you to enjoy your shower. Call your plumber right away and ask him to ascertain why the water pressure is low. If there are hidden water leaks, you will be grateful for doing yourself such a favor.

Any professional plumbing service will be able to identify the leak in your system by using a “water leak indicator.” In case of such a leak, you should call a plumbing company that provides the best service in your locality.

You can look up for reviews on the internet to find the best plumbing company in your area. For example, if you live in Tinley Park, IL, you can search for Plumber service in Tinley Park to get a list of the best plumbing companies in your area.

Read the reviews to find which company offers the best solution to your problem and call them immediately.

A Cracking Foundation

Water leaks can have a horrible impact on the foundation of your home.  It can cause cracking that will aggravate with time. Since the resilience of a home is dependent on the foundation, this is the most severe problem on this list.

Any negligence here can lead to a severe basement leak followed by flooding in the house.If you can see any damage to your foundation, reach out to a reliable local plumbing company. They will help you in figuring out why this happened and what are the available solutions.

Final Thoughts

Leaking pipes are a massive nuisance for homeowners. If you’re uncertain about the plumbing system, you should look out for typical symptoms. There should be no sagging ceilings, cracking foundations, inflated water bills, or mold and mildew. The meter should stop running as soon as you turn off all the faucets, sinks, and showers in your home.

Once you conclude that there are damaged pipes in your plumbing system, contact a professional. Their expertise will rescue you from this fiasco and give you peace of mind.

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