How Exactly does the Disney Vacation Club Work?

Did you know that, during a normal year, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park has almost 60,000 visitors per day? If you’re like most Disney fans, you want to visit one of the greatest places on earth yourself at least once per calendar year.

One of the best ways to do that, all while saving some money in the process, is to sign up for the Disney Vacation Club. With that in mind, if you’re new to the idea of a Disney Vacation Club membership, you most likely have a few questions.

How can I join the Disney Vacation Club? What are some notable Disney Vacation Club membership perks? And is the Disney Vacation Club worth it?

In this article, we’ll give you the answers to all of your questions related to the Disney Vacation Club. That way you can decide if pursuing a Disney Vacation Club membership is right for you and your family.

What is the Disney Vacation Club?

So, what exactly is the Disney Vacation Club? Well, as you’ve probably already guessed, the Disney Vacation Club is Disney’s own unique version of a timeshare. By joining the Disney Vacation Club, you’ll be signing a contract that gives you a certain amount of points to use to take Disney vacations each year.

The contract itself will be a few years in length, depending on when and how you purchase it (more on that later). These contracts are very flexible, very customizable, and can help you save a ton of cash, especially if you visit Disney often.

How much money you can save via a Disney Vacation Club membership varies per family. That’s why we recommend that you start the process by calculating how much money your family could save on your Disney trips with a membership.

How can I Join the Disney Vacation Club?

Think a Disney Vacation Club membership is something you may be interested in? If so, you can become a Disney Vacation Club member today in one of two ways.

You can either buy a membership directly from Disney, or you can purchase one on resale from a current Disney Vacation Club member.

Buying a membership directly from Disney gives you the option to customize your membership to better suit your family and your needs. But purchasing a membership on resale can save you some money, especially if you find the perfect Boardwalk Villas resale online for you and your family.

The option you choose is totally up to you and what you’re looking for out of your Disney vacation.

Notable Disney Vacation Club Membership Perks

If you know anything about the Disney Vacation Club, you most likely know that being a member gives you access to tons of notable perks.

Of course, you’ll have access to all of Disney’s wonderful resorts. And staying at Disney is an entirely different experience than staying at a third-party hotel or resort, which is worth noting. But that’s not all that comes with your Disney Vacation Club membership.

Below, we’ve broken down three of the bigger, more exciting reasons why Disney Vacation Club members love their memberships. That way you can see everything membership has to offer you and your family.

  1. Various Discounts

Perhaps the biggest benefit to being a Disney Vacation Club member is the ability to save money via tons of member-exclusive discounts. These discounts will add up rather fast, especially if you have a family of more than 4 people or plan on visiting the part multiple times per year.

The areas where you can expect to see a discount on prices include:

  • Pass Discounts
  • Restaurant & Shopping Discounts
  • Room Discounts
  • Ticket Discounts
  1. Pool-Hopping

No two Disney Vacation Club resorts are the same. This means that, after a few stays at different resorts, you’re going to have your favorite things about each resort that you’ve visited.

Thankfully your Disney Vacation Club Membership allows you to go pool-hopping from resort to resort with no limitations. For example, you could stay at the All-Start Sports resort and swim at the Animal Kingdom village, should you so desire.

This is a great way to get a quick glimpse of what other Disney Vacation Club resorts have to offer. That information can come in handy when you’re planning your next Disney trip, which is always exciting to think about.

  1. Moonlight Magic Special Events

Anyone who has ever spent an evening at Disney will tell you that each park is that much more special at nighttime. With a Disney Vacation Club membership, you’ll get access to tons of Moonlight Magic Special events, all of which are exclusive to Disney Vacation Club members.

We’ll be honest. If you’ve never experienced a Moonlight Magic event before, it’s more than worth the price of a Disney Vacation Club membership. These events are often the highlight of anyone’s Disney trip, and again, you can’t get access to them without a Disney Vacation Club membership.

Still Not Sold on a Disney Vacation Club Membership?

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about the Disney Vacation Club. A membership comes jam-packed with tons of notable perks, like access to exclusive events and discounts on just about everything you need to experience Disney to the fullest.

If you have a larger family, a Disney Vacation Club membership can even save you thousands of dollars on your Disney trip. For this reason alone, it’s something that you should consider investing in.

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to plan the perfect vacation? Check back with our blog often.

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