How Indoor Air Quality in Peoria, AZ Affects the Inmates?

Most often, homeowners do not pay much heed to the quality of the indoor air either because they choose to avoid it or do not have any idea about it. If you know about indoor air quality and still decide to ignore the issue, then you are putting your loved ones at great risk. But if you have no clue about it, stress not. This article is targeted to create an awareness of the causes that would occur if you do not give importance to indoor air quality.

The air conditioner must be regularly maintained and serviced, which if failed would create clear pathways for the germs, viruses, diseases, mites, and other things. These harmful toxins, if let in our homes, would cause various health-related risks. Therefore, if you want good indoor air quality in Peoria, AZ, then make sure you regularly schedule for AC professionals.

So before proceeding, let’s take a look at what are the causes of poor indoor air quality?

  • Poor ventilation
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Insufficient air circulation
  • Mold
  • VOC from flooring, paint, and adhesives
  • Bacteria, allergens, and viruses
  • Toxic cleaning paints and chemicals
  • Construction debris
  • Raw sewage
  • Untreated water damage
  • Animal waste, etc.

Ways to Improve Air Quality

  • Duct Cleaning

By cleaning your duct system regularly, you can improve the quality of the indoor air by at least 60%. It removes dirt, dust, and other allergens which would otherwise have impeded the indoor air. A poor duct system is one of the main causes of respiratory discomfort, asthma attacks, allergies, and so on.

The duct system is the place where it gives places to molds, viruses, and bacteria. It is because these places have poor light and high humidity, making them the perfect place for colonization. These places are also hard to reach and so, they are often ignored and unattended, which ultimately results in providing a high level of contamination.

Regularly schedule for air duct cleaning services Peoria, AZ, so that it reduces and prevents health-related risks.

  • Furnace Tune-up

Not many pay heed to furnace maintenance as they think it is a waste of money and energy. They do not understand that furnace maintenance includes cleaning of dirt, dust, and other particles while treating them with environmentally friendly solutions to eliminate or reduce bacteria, allergens, mold, and viruses. The furnace tune-up program includes,

  1. Checking the thermostat to make sure it is functioning rightly
  2. Tightening all electrical components and connections. They will also measure the current and voltage on the motors. Faulty connections will be repaired, saving you from future repairing troubles.
  3. Lubrication of all moving parts. Lubrication is done so that it does not cause friction and increase electricity usage. When the parts are not lubricated regularly, it will very soon lead to wear and tear, and also cause high utility bills.
  4. The condensate drain will be inspected thoroughly. If there is any blockage and repairs, it will be taken care of.
  5. The system controls will be checked to ensure safe and proper operation.
  6. Cleaning of condenser and evaporator coil
  7. Checking the refrigerant level and also for any leakage.
  • Regular Air Filter Cleaning

Regularly cleaning the air filter is one of the prime duties of homeowners. This is the place where all the viruses and germs can be inside the house. To make sure a good healthy indoor air, the air filters must be cleaned once a month. The dirty filters not just cause health-related risks to the inmates but also leads to repairs and parts failure.

  • Antimicrobial Treatment

They are advanced and non-toxic cleaning solutions and guarantee to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, germs, and viruses. The solution must be applied to condensate pans, ducts, laundry areas, and so on. These will prevent mold growth while reducing the health-related risks to the inmates. However, professional guidance is highly recommended before you use any of the antimicrobial treatments for the HVAC system.

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