Reasons to Schedule AC Services Powder Springs, GA!

The air conditioner is a complex machinery piece, that requires only professional help to find the problem and repair it. If you go by the tutorials and DIYs thinking you can fix the air conditioner easily, then sorry to break the nutshell, you can never repair without the help from the professionals of AC services Powder Springs, GA. It requires training, knowledge, and experience to understand the machine, as even a small mistake can jeopardize the entire operation of the well-functioning system. Although the basic problem can be fixed like a tripped circuit breaker or cleaning filters, other works require only professional help. This is why it is again and again emphasized by the experts to get help only from the AC experts for all kinds of AC repairs and services.

How to Know the AC Fan is Broken?

The most common problem the air conditioner gives is the no cooling issue. If your AC is giving you the issue, then it can be because of the broken fan. The air conditioning system has two fans where each has its different job. Even if one of the fans fails in the operation, then the result will be no cooling problem.

The Outdoor Fan

The outdoor fan is fixed in the condenser unit. The work of the fan is to draw the outside air from the condenser coil through the grills. As the air passes through the coil, the refrigerant inside cools it. Then the heat is exhausted out from the cabinet by the fan. This is the simple operation of the air conditioner where the heat from the interior is transferred to the outside of the house.

But if the outdoor fan breaks, then the heat will not be drawn from the house, because of which the heated air will remain inside. This will not make the room cool at the desired temperature.

The Indoor Fan

As the name suggests, the fan is located inside the house named blower fan, which finds its place in the air handler’s HVAC cabinet. It is found at the cabinet’s bottom. The fan draws the air from the return vent, where it is sent to the evaporator coil of the air conditioner. The air then cools down because of the cold refrigerant and pushes it to the ductwork, where it is spread to other rooms.

If the blower fan breaks down, there will be no movement of air from the vents and the ventilation system. There will be no noise of the system’s operation and no circulation of the air.

The moment you notice any unusual behavior in the AC fan, get in touch with the AC repair Powder Springs, GA, immediately. The longer you ignore the problem, the severe the issue will become, eventually leading to expensive repairs and replacements.

Reasons for the Fan to Break

Both of the air conditioner’s fans are run by the motors. And if there is any fault in the fans, then the hidden culprit can be a failure in the motor. If this issue is detected in its initial stage, then the cost of A/C repair Powder Springs, GA, will become an affordable matter. But if not, then be ready to spend huge in the days ahead.

The common reasons for motor failures are as follows.

  • Dead Capacitors – The motor receives voltage from the capacitor. With time and after too much use, the capacitor starts to lose its ability. The capacitors also do not last like the air conditioner and will need replacement at some point or the other. This issue can be caught early if you notice a clicking sound coming from the cabinet.
  • Burn-out – This occurs when the motor overheats. When the overheating takes place, the wires start to fuse and will stop the motor from working.
  • Broken Fan Belt – This is applied to the air conditioners that are old and aged.
  • Failed Contractors – If the motor contractors are broken or dirty, the electricity flow will be cut off.

There can be other reasons for the AC fan to break. But no matter what, when there is any repairing problem dealing with the air conditioner, you must trust none other than the professionals.

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