How to Fight the Shattered Throne Dungeon

The destiny 2 shattered throne map is now coming with destiny 2 forsaken game. It is a completely new game. This game is a hard nut to crack. It is quite difficult for the players. It is filled with puzzles and fights. Even it is packed with appropriate rewards. When we load the shattered throne, then we see a large cathedral building with a diving bird symbol on its back. When one clears all the enemies then, one can see a lit symbol in the middle of the room.

To begin the adventure, one should enter the entrance of the dungeon. The fastest way to get into this shattered zone is to go head straight from Dreaming city’s landing zone. We should go straight till we find a large building where the oracle is located. To the left of the building, we will find a bridge. We need to follow this path, and at last, we will find a portal. After going halfway through the portal, we will find a room with a thin beam of light. The shattered throne entrance is at the backside of the room.

The above steps will surely guide someone and make the encounter easier.

Part 1: Labyrinth

It’s an easy task to complete, but it is time taking. To solve the complex areas in the shattered throne, we need a map. We need to go straight whenever we start the encounter. Then we reach the diving bird temple. We need to kill the yellow bar ultra inside the temple. Another symbol will appear on the floor. We need to find that symbol on the map and go to the corresponding temple. We need to follow this process until we wind up back at diving bird cathedral. The mini-boss will spawn, and we need to kill it carefully. The temple bosses are not that much dangerous.

Part 2: Descent entrance

We need to take out the long weapon to kill enemies. With the help of a long precision weapon, we need to climb stairs and kill the captain. Finally, the door will open. Then we need to go halfway and then left. Ogres will try to attack, but we need to kill them, and we need to follow the path towards the taken film. Then we need to jump the wall and take our weapons and fight with enemies.

Part3: Vorgeth

We need to gear up this time and pour our socks for fighting with enemies. First, the wizard and their slaves will attack. After that, a huge Ogre will attack. We need to kill all of them. We should take out void shields and kill all the wizards.

When someone first drops down, he is caught in between two wizards; one attacks from the right and the other from the left. Each wizard will be guarded by four taken enemies. Two of them are vandals, and the other two are Goblins. The four of them will try to deploy the shields. We need to kill all the wizards and move forward.

Part 4: Climb

Here we need to find the wish ender bow. We need to run straight until the wizard appears. Then we need to jump to the top and fight with the enemies. We need to go through the hobgoblins and reach two lifts.

Part 5: -Dulincaru

This path is long and straightforward. Here in this path, we will face so many enemies. But we need to fight with them and kill them. It’s nothing new. As we have fought earlier, the same way we will fight here. Consequently, we will find a small temple. This temple is home to the final boss of the shattered throne, i.e., Dulincaru. She can be killed easily. But it is quite difficult to kill her three knights and the army of psions. Dulincaru is guarded by three champions or knights. When these knights or champions are killed, they will drop orbs. These orbs are quite helpful in killing Dulincaru. If we take more time in killing these champions, then Dulincaru will summon a crystal at the back of the temple, with the help of which they will be alive again. If we find it like this, then we need to destroy the crystal as soon as possible. We need a short gun to destroy it. Again psions will be spawning throughout the fight. So, we should quickly kill them. Then if we finally get the three orbs that are sufficient to kill the Dulincaru.


This game is not that much difficult. We need to apply some tricks to kill the demon and wizard.


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