How to Know What to Wear to a Wedding

Knowing what to wear to a wedding is not always straightforward. It can be difficult to know how formally you should dress unless you have received clear instructions when it comes to the dress code.

In terms of wedding attire, a good rule of thumb for all women to adhere to is to not wear white, and men should generally avoid wearing a black suit. This is because you do not want to risk clashing with the bride and groom or upstaging their outfits. Colors that are very close in appearance to white and black should also be avoided.

If you have recently been invited to a wedding and now need to figure out what to wear, then read on for some great advice!

Saving Money on Your Wedding Outfit

When you get invited to a wedding, your first thought might be that you need to go out and buy a new outfit. Although this is certainly an option, it is not completely necessary to have a brand-new outfit.

You likely already have a number of great garments in your wardrobe that you can wear to any wedding. You will want to avoid wearing anything that is dated or worn, but this surely leaves you with several possibilities. Wearing something that you already own is a great way to save money on your wedding outfit.

If you wish to buy a totally new outfit for a wedding, then you can still save money by using REISS coupons for online shopping.

If you are going to buy wedding attire on the internet, then make sure you do so well in advance of the wedding itself. This gives you time to return your purchase if it does not fit well.

What Not to Wear

When choosing your outfit, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind when considering what not to wear.

As you have already discovered, wearing white is not a good idea for women, and black suits should usually be avoided for men.

For women, it is also not a good idea to wear anything that might be considered too revealing. A wedding is a day when people of all ages come together to celebrate the love of the couple getting married, so it is important to be respectful of everyone in attendance.

That is not to say that you can’t wear an outfit that makes you feel attractive, simply that you should keep the sentiment of the occasion in mind.

For men, it is important to avoid looking too casual at a wedding. Do not be tempted to wear a t-shirt or jeans, and absolutely steer clear of any kind of shorts. This should continue to be the case even if the invitation does not feel especially formal.

Choosing an Outfit

Hopefully, the wedding invitation will give you some insight into what you should wear. If the invitation seems to be quite vague in terms of dress code, then you might want to send a message to the couple to gently ask for their advice. However, there are also some general rules that you can stick to.

For women, a dress is usually going to be a good choice. This can either be a formal dress or something more on the smart-casual side. Your choice of dress might be influenced by the weather on the day, so have a few options in mind just in case.

For men, a suit is the best idea, but try to avoid anything too formal, such as a tuxedo. You will want to appear smart but also not over the top.


If you need to bring a small bag or purse to the wedding, then that is fine, but try to avoid bringing any oversized bags. There is no reason why you will need to bring too many items with you, so a small bag or purse should suffice. Oversized bags can get in the way and cause a distraction.

If you are going to bring a bag or a purse, then make sure it matches with your outfit so that it serves as a fashionable accessory.

Choosing an outfit that has reasonably sized pockets will help you to eliminate the need to bring a bag with you.


The shoes that you choose to wear to the wedding should always match your outfit.

You will want to select shoes that compliment your clothes but also that are going to be comfortable enough for you to wear all day. It is not unusual that a wedding will start in the morning and continue late into the night, so you will want to be sure that you are wearing suitable footwear.

The Wedding Day

When you are getting dressed for the wedding on the day, try to avoid any situation in which you might ruin your outfit, such as by spilling food or drinks on yourself.

If you are attending a wedding that does not start until the afternoon or evening, then do not put your outfit on until you actually need to. This will help you to avoid potential disasters.

Most importantly, enjoy the wedding day and be sure to compliment the bride and groom on their wedding dress and suit!

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