5 Tips to Keep Your Eyebrows on Fleek

Eyebrows have recently taken the spotlight on social media. Brows are crucial to a makeup look, so beauty enthusiasts want them always on fleek.

More than just looking as pristine as possible, eyebrows do so much for your face. They accentuate your face shape, make you look younger or older, and emphasize your eyes. On a functional level, brows prevent sweat from going into your eyes. They also play an essential role in self-expression, body language, and communicating emotions.

Keeping your brows on fleek is a tricky process, though. To avoid makeup mishaps, these are tips to guide you in achieving the perfect brows:

Tip 1: Determine your eyebrow shape

You might have found the perfect eyebrows on Pinterest or Instagram. Before recreating the look, it’s crucial to put into consideration your face shape. These are the recommended brow shapes according to face shape:

  • Square: There’s so much room for boldness. Your face goes well with full, thick brows to match your sharp jawline.
  • Round: Do the opposite and go for sharpness. Angular brows can add structure to your face.
  • Long: Balance your face by adding extra length to the tail of your brows.
  • Heart: Add contrast to the sharp chin with soft brows. Fill them in lightly and shape them with a low arch.

Tip 2: Groom accordingly

This is where it gets a bit technical. Knowing which hairs are out-of-bounds and which ones you need to spare are essential in this step. Before plucking, plot where your brows start, end, and where the arch should be.

What you need:

  1. A stick, pencil, or a pen. Anything straight. You can also press your tweezers together.
  2. An eyeliner to serve as a marker. Colored eyeliner is a good option since it won’t camouflage with eyebrow hair.

Anchor the stick to the side of your nose. It’s time to plot the points:

  • Hold the stick as straight as possible from the side of your nose to the inner corner of your eye. The spot where the stick sits on the brows is where the brow should start.
  • Tilt the stick towards the outer part of your eye. It will look like you’re making a 45-degree angle. The point where the stick touches the brows is where the brow should end.
  • The arch can be a matter of preference. For math’s sake, look directly to the front and tilt the stick to the outer side of your iris. The arch should be where the stick touches the brows.

Remember not to get too excited and pluck, shave, or cut too much hair. If you’re scared this might happen to you, zoom out a little. The extra distance between you and the mirror allows you to see your eyebrows in proportion to your face.

Tip 3: Brush your eyebrows

Never underestimate the power of brushing your eyebrows. It’s the best way to see if you’ve successfully groomed your brows.

It preps the eyebrows for the next step: filling in. Brushing your eyebrows puts everything in place to spot the sparse areas. As a result, you’ll know which parts need more attention once you start applying makeup.

Use a brow brush or a spoolie. If you have old mascaras that you need to dispose of, save the brush and clean it. It should work as an alternative to a spoolie.

You can brush your brows upwards or towards the temple. Both ways can change the appearance of the brows, but it’s up to your personal preference.

Tip 4: Use eyebrow powder to fill in your brows

First, make sure you have the right brush. By now, you would have noticed that having your eyebrows on fleek is about precision.

An angled brow brush is one of the best options for filling in your brows. It applies powder to where it should be and keeps it in place.

Second, start with the bottom outline of your eyebrows to create a softer and more natural finish. Additionally, it gives you space to work your way up.

Third, once you’ve outlined the bottom, blend the powder upwards. Use a brow brush to spread the powder evenly.

Once you’re happy with the added pigment to your brows, you can start filling in the sparse areas. Another pro-tip is to use two shades of powder—lighter shade for the thick areas and darker for the sparse areas—to achieve a more natural and blended look.

Tip 5: Use gel to keep your eyebrow hairs in place

Eyebrows tend to have a life of their own. If you’re someone with long eyebrow hairs, you may notice that some of them can droop later in the day. When eyebrows don’t stay still, sparse areas may appear while you’re going about your day.

This is where an eyebrow gel comes in handy. Eyebrow gel is like mascara for your brows. It keeps the hairs in place and adds thickness. Some gels have pigment to blend with your powder shade.

Be patient.

Achieving the perfect brows requires a lot of practice. Observe what works best for you or work with different styles. By exploring these steps, you’ll have your eyebrows on fleek any way you want it.

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